William Gibson’s The Peripheral adapted as series for Amazon

For years I have waited for an adaptation of William Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer. In fact, I even posted what was believed to be some concept art intended to woe potential investors. Alas that has so far all been in vain. This despite names such as that of director Vincenzo Natali being attached. Instead, […]

Westworld S03E08 Crisis Theory Review

With Westworld S03E08 Crisis Theory the season has come to an end. While I do not believe this was a bad season it certainly did not end well. In fact, you could pretty much guess how it would end and you would probably be right. It is difficult to say where it went wrong. Too […]

Westworld S03E05 Genre Review

After last week’s episode “The Mother of Exiles” Westworld shifted into high gear. Dolores has set out to undo Incite’s strategic AI Rehoboam and the man in control of it – Serac. In this week’s episode “Genre” she and Caleb do exactly that. She, Caleb and a kidnapped Liam attempt to steal Incite’s data while […]

Westworld Season 3 Episode 1 Review

After two years Westworld is finally back with its third season. Set mostly outside of the park – as we knew it – the season 3 premiere feels like something new. The show’s creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have always sought to stretch the bounds of the imagination, but now they attempt to do […]

Westworld S02E01 Journey into Night Review – the robots get the big picture

Westworld S02E01 Journey into Night Review For the last several days the fever around Westworld has been remarkable. It would call it an understatement that HBO is just pushing it to potentially replace Game of Thrones when that show ends. As much as I love these kinds of shows I remain totally uninterested in the […]

Person Of Interest S5Ep01 B.S.O.D. Review

Person Of Interest S5Ep01 B.S.O.D. Review 5 years ago when I started SciFiEmpire one of the first articles I wrote was a preview of Person Of Interest. I felt excited and intrigued by the idea of Lost star Michael Emerson teaming up with Jim Caviezel to fight crimes before they occurred. It helped that big names […]

Person Of Interest Season 5 its last says J.J. Abrams

Person Of Interest Season 5 its last! Hot off the success of The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams has made some surprising statements. One of which was sort of expected but is still sad. Person of Interest season 5 may well be its last. At the Television Critics Association Abrams told reporters Saturday that “My guess is it is […]

Person of Interest Season 5 Preview – Should it be the show’s last?

Person of Interest Season 5 Preview At this years Comic-Con in San Diego PoI’s cast and executive producer talked about the show’s future. After season 4 fans have started speculating whether or not Person Of Interest should wrap things up with a fifth season or whether there should only be a shortened 13-episode season to […]

Person of Interest S4Ep11 If-Then-Else Review

Person of Interest S4Ep11 If-Then-Else Review Person of Interest not only knows how to blow away half the cast but also the audience in this weeks spectacular episode. I had seen the preview trailer and I knew Denise The had written the episode. Yet I was still stunned how well it was crafted. The title […]

Person of Interest S4Ep5 Prophets Review

For a few weeks now viewers have been able to enjoy the new format of Person Of Interest. With Finch, Reese, Shaw and Root hiding from Samaritan the series has become more dynamic. It reminds me a lot of the first season when Reese was not yet the Superman caricature he became during season 2. […]