March 4, 2024

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Person of Interest - Jim Caviezel as Mr. Reese in Reasonable Doubt

Person of Interest S3Ep4 ‘Reasonable Doubt’ review!

Person of Interest - Jim Caviezel as Mr. Reese in Reasonable Doubt

This weeks episode of Person of Interest reminds of the episode ‘Mission Creep’ from the beginning of season 1. Sadly the remembrance gives this episode the feeling that it is a rehash. Again we are following a PoI who is capable of staying out the hands of organized crime, the police and as well as our team consisting of Mr. Reese, Mr. Finch and Mrs. Shaw. this episode puts in an extra flair of ‘The Fugitive’ as we are tracking District Attorney Vanessa Watkins accused of the murder of her husband while no body was find. Yet, there appears to be all sort of circumstantial evidence. The viewer is quickly led to believe that HR is responsible and Carter’s encounter with corrupt detective Terney that cost her a shield confirms it. Carter’s new rookie uniform cop also keeps on giving me the creeps and this weeks it is strongly alluded that he works for HR to keep tabs on her.

Person of Interest - Mrs. Vanessa Watkins played by Kathleen Rose Perkins

Mrs. Vanessa Shain is finally tracked down by Mr. Reese. She is then put on a mock trial by Finch and Carter. If she is innocent, she may well take revenge on the real killer of her husband. If she is found guilty she will be taken into custody of the NYPD whose corrupt members may well kill her. However, Fusco and Shaw discover that Mrs. Watkins’s husband faked his death so he wouldn’t have to put his organized crime debts. It then becomes a question of whether Mrs. Watkins will try and seek revenge, putting out team in yet another moral dilemma. Mr. Reese is eventually convinced enough to give her his gun. Only then do Finch and Carter discover in yet another plot twist that Vanessa helped Mr. Watkins fake his own death. They are convinced she will try and kill her husband for his betrayal.

Person of Interest - Samantha Shaw (Sarah Shahi) joining a book club

Meanwhile Carter’s new partner finally talks to Detective Terney, thus establishing his relationship with HR. In the preview of the next episode it was seen that Carter also finds out which will finally get the show to continue with its mythology. I am looking forward too Taraji P. Henson being center stage again as Detective Carter.

Vanessa catches up with her husband. She reminds him that the police think she murdered him and that nothing is stopping her from actually doing it. Mr. Reese places another gun next to Mr. Watkins which gives Vanessa a reason to shot her husband. Reese then releases the yacht that Vanessa and her husband are on and tells Finch to call the coastguard. During the last shot we here two gunshots being fired.

Person of Interest - detective Terney and Carter's uniform buddy


The previous episode ended on a major cliffhanger, root has just escaped  from the mental hospital, shot Hersh, all in front of Finch. However, in this episode there is no trace of any of that. This episode thus feels like filler, and though plenty of non-mythology episodes manage to shine this one doesn’t. It’s too much of The Fugitive meets Person of Interest without the suspense, and that is a rather dull 43 minutes.

Score; 7.5 / 10. The plot is a bit too familiar but the plot twists keep it alive to the end.

Person of interest - reasonable doubt - vanessa confronts her husband