Person of Interest S3Ep9 ‘The Crossing’ Review!

This week’s episode of Person of Interest continues immediately were ‘Endgame’ from the last week stopped. ‘The Crossing’ is the second episode in a trilogy that is intended to act as a reboot for the series. Person of Interest developed some problems during its second season when characters left the show in rapid succession requiring quick […]

Person of Interest S3Ep8 ‘Endgame’ Review!

This weeks episode ‘Endgame’ pushes Person of Interest into a higher gear as the deaths of Laskey and in particular of Cal Beecher from the previous season set events in motion that threaten the lives of Carter, Fusco and even Mr. Reese. Endgame is the first of three episodes that deals with the HR vs. […]

Person of Interest S3Ep7 ‘The Perfect Mark’ Review!

Once in a while Person of Interest manages to shine with a non-mythology episodes. It doesn’t happened often but it does happen. What also sets this episode apart is the resolution of the Carter/Laskey plot. The resolution comes in a cold and swift fashion that is familiar to PoI. Though it may have come too soon. The […]

Person of Interest S3Ep4 ‘Reasonable Doubt’ review!

This weeks episode of Person of Interest reminds of the episode ‘Mission Creep’ from the beginning of season 1. Sadly the remembrance gives this episode the feeling that it is a rehash. Again we are following a PoI who is capable of staying out the hands of organized crime, the police and as well as […]

Person of Interest S3Ep3 ‘Lady Killer’ Review

Person of Interest is a great show but once in a while you get a real stinker of an episode. I remember one or two from both earlier seasons but this episode is pretty much the lamest ever. I don’t think the creative staff purposefully set out to make a bad episode (why would they) […]

Person Of Interest S3Ep1 ‘Liberty’ Review!

Person Of Interest is back for its third season. Ever since May the buzz for this show increased when it became clear that both characters Samantha Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Root (Amy Acker) would return as regulars. This enlargement of cast along with resolution of the ‘find-the-machine’ storyline considerably increases the scope of the series. PoI creative […]

Become a Person of Interest during its 3rd season!

CBS has a new way to lure fans of the show into its third season. Now you can upload your photo to the show’s Facebook page, from there on it might just show up in the show at any moment during the course of its third season. As you may remember CBS had something similar to […]

Person of Interest ‘God mode’ Preview!

I am glad to see that the Person of Interest finale scheduled for Thursday evening is so hotly anticipated by viewers online. As I mentioned in last weeks review of Zero Day PoI had some problems during the middle of its second season with character being killed off just because the actors playing them had […]

Person of Interest ‘Zero Day’ Review!

This is the review of Zero Day, the first to last episode of Person of Interests second season. While this season has been notably bumpier than the first I am happy to say that the show has been able to get itself back on track. At this moment the sow seems to suffer more from having […]

Person of Interest Trojan Horse Review!

This weeks episode of Person of Interest comes after a break of three weeks and unlike the previous two episodes focuses almost solely on the shows mythology. Trojan Horse is intended to set the stage for the season finale later in May by placing all the pieces on the board. A figure of speech emulated in this […]