February 21, 2024


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Revolution - Monroe & Charlie riding to Willoughby

Revolution S2Ep4 ‘Patriot Games’ review!

Revolution - Monroe & Charlie riding to Willoughby

After a good start to its second season Revolution takes a break with an episode that doesn’t really move the story forward much but instead sets the stage for further development. The good thing about ‘Patriot Games’ is that we get answers to a number of vital questions at the cost of a story that at times just doesn’t want to move forward. Just like past episodes of season 2 I will briefly recap the developments of each storyline.

Revolution - Titus is a live.. though not for long

Charlie & Monroe; their storyline continues right were it left off. Charlie seeks shelter at an inn but is accosted by unsavory men until Monroe comes to her rescue. After being knocked unconscious she wakes up finding out that Monroe has carried her away. Charlie questions Monroe’s motives to which he replies that he fights better with Miles. She also questions his moral compass and still thinks he is a cold-blooded murderer. Eventually they agree to travel along together back to Willoughby to help Miles and Charlie’s mother. There isn’t much plot development with this storyline but at least the Monroe move to the lightside isn’t rushed. Their storyline ends just outside Willoughby so we can expect things to heat up during the next episode.

Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) at the opium den  - Revolution

Tom Neville & Jason; Jason was carted of during the last episode supposedly to act as a hostage to ensure Tom’s loyalty. Tom is hell-bent on getting him back and argues with his direct superior within the ‘US government’ about it, but that merely gets him more onerous duties. Tom finds out that his superior frequents an opium den and ambushed the man there when he is out cold. Tom makes him a deal, he won’t mention his drug use in return for promotion and his sons location. The man replies he doesn’t know where Jason is and Tom promptly gives him an overdose. The next day Tom is assigning officers to their duties. When questioned by Secretary Justine Allenford about what is going on Tom replies his superior hasn’t showed up. She replies he was transferred and ads that it is OK for Tom to take over his duties.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson - Revolution

Miles, Rachel &  Aaron; this weeks they all have pretty much separate storylines that comes together at the end in a spectacular fashion. Willoughby remains under control of the patriots ‘US government’, any citizens defying their authority is secretly killed and said to be the victim of Titus’s remaining thugs. miles ventures out and seek out Titus’s old headquarters where he is interrupted by the fireflies previously seen. Aaron seems to be in contact of the fireflies and can see what they see. Miles runs into Titus who if I am not mistaken was killed in the previous episode. After a fight with Miles he is ‘again’ killed. Rachel meanwhile has a conversation with an old friend, she explains to him everything that Randall Flynn has done and these patriots are not anyone’s friend. This old friend invites her back to his home where he knocks her out cold when she discovers he is a patriot. In his basement he digs a grave but Rachel manages to kill him. Miles meanwhile follows a lead given to him by Titus. At a train yard he discovers that the patriots have been killing Titus’s thus everyday to claim success in upholding the law. Miles is discovered by guards, just when they want to take him prisoner the fireflies return and seemingly controlled by Aaron set fire to the guards. Miles runs away and is later seen with Rachel where they explain to each other what has happened. Rachel states they need to be more careful.

Zak Orth as Aaron - Revolution


In this episode we discovered that Aaron is indeed in communion with the fireflies and that he probably killed all the rats in a subconscious manner. We also discover what the plan of the patriots is. They make for a fine enemy though I do hope that the storyline with the nanites won’t pushed back too far. This episode at times moves very slow but it lays down necessary groundwork for future Revolution episodes. One major gripe that I had was the sudden introduction of characters who get killed before the end of the episode. With both Tom Neville’s superior and Rachel’s friend I didn’t get their names. They are in fact both utterly forgettable. I hope Revolution won’t be as casual in the future.

Score; 7.7 / 10. So far the season’s least strongest but is sets the stage for next week very well.

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