Fringe series finale ‘Liberty’ & ‘An Enemy of Fate’ Review!

  Yesterday evening our favorite sci-fi show Fringe finally ended with an excellent pair of episodes, a journey that started in 2008 at what I think is still J.J Abrams high water mark. Fringe tried to brings elements from other shows such as The X-files and The Twilight Zone together in a more drama pact show. […]

Fringe Five-Twenty-Ten Review!

Five-Twenty-Ten acts as a mid-season finale for Fringe’s fifth season. It quite effectively wraps up some left-over issues from season 4 such as what Nina Sharp and William Bell have been up to. This episode picks up the pace considerably and the suspense is definitely a lot greater than the usual procedural episodes of Fringe. So […]

Fringe ‘An Origin Story’ Review

Fringe ‘An Origin Story’ deals with the direct aftermath of Etta’s death in the previous episode. In many ways it is a story of grief and revenge that has made Fringe suddenly more ‘real’ and less comic like. Previously our Fringe team tried to deal with every enemy through a plan that involved gadgets and  […]

Fringe The Bullet that Saved the World Review!

Fringe is back after a two week break with its fourth episode of the season entitled ‘The bullet that Saved the World’. The title is a reference to the actual bullet that Etta wears in a necklace which was used by Walter to shoot Olivia. This episode of Fringe tries to up the ante by killing of […]

Fringe The Recordist Review!

This week’s episode of Fringe takes a little step back from the action and uses it’s time to deepen out the background story of the world that has been taken over by the Observers. My first impressions were perhaps one of apprehension in that the story doesn’t move forward as much, but now that I have […]

Fringe Season 5 Trailer + Pictures revealed!

Well, in a few days time Fringe will be back for its fifth and final season. A season in which the Fringe team will have to topple the rule of the Observers, but Walter has a plan! See his plan in this rather spectacular and lengthy trailer of things to come… Also we got seven posters […]

Fringe Season 5 ‘Transilience Thought Unifier Model – 11’ Preview!

As you already know from previous posts next friday the last season of Fringe will start airing. While we are certain that the main cast such as Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble will be back it also seems clear from the trailer that Olivia and Peter’s daughter Henrietta (Etta) will get a prominent […]

New Fringe Season 5 Pictures!

I know I haven’t updated for in like two weeks, but it has been hell with my academic career that I pursue besides my love for everything science-fiction. It would seem that I have my schedule reasonable sorted out so you can expect more regular updates from now on. Though I do hope someone ambitious […]

Fringe ‘A Better Human Being’ review!

‘A Better Human Being’ is a very character driven episode of Fringe, after a season where this kind of story telling alternated with action-scenes it is pleasant to finally see progression in the characters. The relationship between Olivia and Peter is the main driving force behind the character development but it certainly also affects Walter […]