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Mayko Nguyen sexy lingerie - Killjoys Finale Review

Killjoys Finale Review

Frank Moore as Hills - Killjoys Finale Review

Killjoys Finale Review

After ten episodes Killjoys’ first season has ended, and what a ride it has been. I initially wanted to dislike this show and paint it as a cheap afterthought to Dark Matter. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Michelle Lovretta’s efforts have been amazing. And both shows have proved they can co-exist as their pacing and story emphasize is totally different. Though I love Dark Matter there have been times I enjoyed Killjoys a lot more, this week’s finale is one of those episodes. For every character on the show big changes are coming, the nine families have decided not to keep their end of the bargain to the people of Westerly and contrived an excuse to bomb the entire planet. This act ensures that separate storylines all come together. And we are introduced to a new aspect of Killjoys – space opera. Welcome to the Killjoys Finale Review.

Noah Danby in Killjoys Finale Review

Killjoys works well as a multi-layered story. During the first few episode it was often frustrating to hear characters talk about Westerly, Leith and the RAC without knowing precisely what they were. After ten episodes – we do –  and a wonderful tapestry of storylines and drama was constructed now that we know anyone living on Westerly needs to wait seven generations before they can emigrate to Leith. Killjoys is full of wonderful secondary characters such as Alvis, Pree, Pawter, Hills and even one the of the nine families, Delle. All told the season finale wasn’t about John, D’avin or Dutch but about the secondary characters. They suffer or are the instigators of suffering.

Mayko Nguyen sexy lingerie - Killjoys Finale Review

My hat goes off to Morgan Kelly for his depiction of the religious freedom fighter Alvis. I was completely engaged with the man who knows that martyrdom may be the only solution for the people of Westerly. I also enjoyed the fatalistic depiction Frank Moore gave to the character Hills Oonan. Toasting to the end of the world in Pree’s bar was another one of those moments. PS, it is also revealed that Pawter Simms’s mother is the head of one of the nine families, apparently she doesn’t mind Pawter gets blown up either.

Dutch and John plot their escape - Killjoys Finale Review

The season finale even introduced some new characters, foremost are the underground population with which Alvis is on good terms. The leader of this group – called Rat King (Noah Danby ) – is a strong-willed man with an ailing sister. When John suggests they should hide in the bunker when the bombers come he disagrees and states they have lived underground for too long. The last scene of the episode shows the leader and his sister standing above ground looking at the stars as the bombers strike Old-Town. It is a shame we haven’t seen more of the Rat King, it feels a bit like that episode of Game Of Thrones – Hardhome – that introduced Karsi only to have her killed by white walkers at the end.

Alvis prepares to escape - Killjoys Finale Review

In many ways the previous episode was the season finale for Dutch. Episode 10 is the finale for everybody living on Westerly. Season 1 focused mostly on ‘contracts-of-the-week’ – that were sometimes important to the mythology. It did however ensure that the plot of the nine families including Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen) wasn’t known to the viewer while the hints were there. Delle is also effectively re-introduced as a femme-fatale who walks over bodies to ensure her family remains strong. Showing actress Mayko Nguyen wear nothing more than a see-through leotard may have gone too far, even if it depict her instantly as a bitch.

Delle activates the weapon - Killjoys Finale Review

The season one finale shook up the image of a world we had only just began to understand. It answers questions, but it asks even more in return. So far the show has not shown anything beyond what it known as The Quad, a solar system that includes Leith, Westerley and a failed terraformed world. So far it would not have added to the story if the show had shown us something, but the motivations of the most powerful factions: the RAC, Khylen, The Nine and The Company might become clear if they do. Fans have even speculated whether Killjoys could see a tie-in with Dark Matter. Now that season 1 is over there will be a very long wait for season 2, at least 40 weeks. I hope Killjoys will be back. It was incredibly fun and a better space opera than Dark Matter and Defiance.

Khylen argues with D'Avin - Killjoys Finale Review

If you want more Sci-fi from Syfy – then fear not. There is still one more episode to go for defiance, which will have its season 3 finale on the 28th. Dark Matter will have two more episodes to go (for a total of 13) both will air on the 28th. Continuum will return the week afterwards (4th of September) for a shortened season 4 lasting 6 episodes. However, Showcase also released the first episode of Continuum early. Just check out their website. This was Killjoys Finale Review. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Score; 9 / 10. One of the best and most fun season finale’s I have seen in a long time.

Source; http://www.syfy.com/killjoys

D'Avin is in Red 17 - Killjoys Finale Review