May 22, 2024

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Elliot (Rami Malek) standing in Times Square - Mr. Robot Season Finale Review

Mr. Robot Season Finale Review

Elliot (Rami Malek) standing in Times Square - Mr. Robot Season Finale Review

Finally the last episode of Mr. Robot has aired. The episode was after the shooting that occurred on live TV in America. After seeing the episode I agree it was the right decision. Welcome to the Mr. Robot Season Finale Review. Be warned there are plenty of spoilers below. If you haven’t watched the episode yet then head over the USA website for Mr. Robot now!

Fsociety destroy their hardware - Mr. Robot Season Finale Review

Mr. Robot Season Finale Review

The episode, eps1.9_zer0-day.avi, takes place three days after either Tyrell Wellick or Elliot (Rami Malek) has unleashed the Evil corps hack. the company and most world financial institutions are on the brink of collapse after they lost all their record keeping. Elliot can’t seem to remember what has happened and appears disappointed the hack went through. For most of the episode he searches for Wellick to get answers while his father reappears to encourage him to think the hack was a god thing. Even though the audience now knows Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) is only imaginary confusion persists when Elliot appears to fight an invisible person. A scene in which Elliot meets Wellick’s dangerous wife has some speculate she murdered her husband, but I won’t draw that conclusion just yet.

Mr Robot suicide on tv - Mr. Robot Season Finale Review

Meanwhile at fsociety Darlene and the rest of the gang have to deal with covering their tracks. All of fsociety’s members are angry Elliot excluded them from the moment he pressed the button, though he claims ignorance. A touching scene shows the hackers burning their hard-drives at a pet crematory. However, the dogs in the cages are still alive. The hackers promptly release them. Darlene meanwhile deals with a feelings of being deflated and not knowing of what to do next. Elliot’s reality meanwhile comes crashing down after he realizes that groups of people he though were fsociety fans were just fictional. It is left to audience to decide whether all fsociety fans, even those on TV are imaginary. After failing to find Tyrell Wellick at his home Elliot returns to his apartment by the end of the episode only to have to open the door. It is unclear who has come to his apartment.

Price addresses Evil Corps - Mr. Robot Season Finale Review

The absence of Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström) in this final episode of the season adds both tension and clarity to the story. The focus at the Evil Corps end is much more on Angela Moss (Portia Doubleday) and Philip Price, CEO of Evil Corps. Things become very real for Angela when the company’s spokesperson commits suicide live on TV by shooting himself through the mouth in way similar to R. Budd Dwyer. While Angela deals with the aftermath of the suicide and Evil Corps difficulties she comes to realize that Price is not upset by events. In the final scene of the episode (after the credits) Price discusses the situation at a men’s club with a man the audience knows as the Chinese hacker White Rose. To price White Rose is known as a respected businessman and confides he knows who hacked Evil Corps and intends to take care of them. The viewer is left pondering whether Price is referring to Tyrell Wellick or Elliot.

Christian Slater as Mr Robot - Mr. Robot Season Finale Review

And so Mr. Robot has managed to create a cliffhanger for the second season that USA announced even before the first season aired. I certainly can’t wait for more. Mr. Robot has managed to reverberate incredibly well with its audience. The male anti-hero Elliot has already drawn parallel to Don Draper and Walter White. It’s reverence amongst hackers and IT geeks stems from its respectful and plausible way its shows how network breeches occur. At the same time the drama of Elliot’s delusions take center-piece. Most had quickly speculated that Elliot was just imagining his dead father (Mr. Robot) and for many episodes the show managed to dodge answering this questions. Mr. Robot’s creator Sam Esmail has thus succeeded in keeping the premise behind the story relevant and interesting. This was Mr. Robot Season Finale Review. I hope you enjoyed the show and this review.

Score; 8.7 / 10. The episode slows down a few times but is otherwise brilliant with a cliff-hanger to die for.


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