June 18, 2024


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Happy Thanksgiving wallpaper

Wishing everybody a Happy Thanksgiving + some Black Friday tips

Happy Thanksgiving wallpaper

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. I am sure that after all the roast turkey, pastries, marshmallows and drinks you will be looking to do something else. Perhaps even browse the internet to see what is worth your money on Black Friday.

So what can you do during thanksgiving if all the fine dining is over? Well, if you need any persuasion in playing Super Mario Odyssey or Star Wars Battlefront 2 here are links to my reviews. Of course for Super Mario you will need a Nintendo Switch. I have uploaded an unboxing article just recently. And despite issues with overly powerful in-game upgrades I have enjoyed Battlefront 2 a lot.

For those wanting to go on a trip down memory lane should check out my review of Outcast: Second Contact. So far the game has confused me with its sense of nostalgia that it invokes. This weekend I will also upload a review for Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. I still need to play it more thoroughly to form a definite opinion but so far I give it my thumbs up.

If you want to watch a movie you can read my reviews for Thor Ragnarok, Justice League and Blade Runner 2049. Especially Blade Runner is in need of more love. On the small screen there is the last season for Longmire and a spy series, Berlin Station, on Epix.

No Black Friday

I can also understand if you do not want to think about Black Friday too much. I am certainly not a person who would wait in line for that faux special deal. Personally I don’t always need new stuff, but instead I should simply make better do with what I already have. Perhaps save my money for something that really matters in the long run.

So a Happy Thanksgiving and let the holiday season start in earnest.