June 23, 2024


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Longmire Walt and Vic together

Longmire Season 6 Review – Walt and Vic go on a rodeo one last time

Longmire Malachy Strand and Jacob Nighthorse

Longmire Season 6 Review

Season 6 of Longmire was released by Netflix just under a week ago. Only now have I been able to complete my binge watching sessions. And so here is my review of the, sadly, last season of Longmire. I am not certain why I started watching Longmire. I think it may have been because a promo Katee Sackhoff did before the show even aired. Frankly, I have been addicted to my seasonal Longmire episodes for 5 years. The titular character, Walt Longmire, is a different breed of police officer. He is not a detective, but a Sherriff in the fictional Absaroka county somewhere in Wyoming. he is rather taciturn, but fair and decisive when he needs to be. I Suppose those are qualities I can identify with or at least admire. During season 6 you really get the impression Walt has been through a lot. That is also true for Ferg, Vic, Henry and Cady. I guess it will be hard to say goodbye, but I am keeping my hopes up for a few special episodes in the future.

Longmire Cady


I really enjoyed this season. I think the story is solid. Looking back there is so much detail. Too much to discuss without going – into detail. But there is something Walt said to Vic regarding Jacob Nighthorse. “We don’t know he is guilty, we only believe he is”. That seems like the theme for this season. Walt tries to prevent mistakes being made during the investigation of Malachy Strand, Jacob Nighthorse and FBI agent Decker. And who can blame him as he was being sued by the Barlow estate, for being reckless. Walt manages to overcome adversity, but at the end of the season you get a feeling he can’t handle too much of this anymore. It gave a satisfying feel to see each of the principal characters being given closure. That includes characters such as Lucian, Bob Barnes and Cady. It may not have been what they wanted, but it was what was expected.

Longmire Matthias


One of the better story arc this final season is Vic’s. During season 5 Vic got pregnant. By whom we are never made sure, but I would presume it was Travis . Vic’s always had difficulties letting go of her past and this season was no different. Notorious anti-government terrorist and crook for many seasons Chance Gilbert’s conviction hearing finally started. Vic, of course, had to take part. Chance manages to escape custody and in a shoot-out on his ranch Vic is wounded. She loses her baby. The story for a while even casts doubt as to whom fired the fatal shot, suggesting it may have been Walt. But the story eventually departs from that possibility.

Longmire Henry Standing Bear

The sudden departure of Travis and the loss of her child culminates in an attempt by Vic to take her own life. Afterwards we see an edgier Vic, who even brushes off her farther when he asks her to come with her back to Philadelphia. The story ends on a somewhat sudden note when in the final episode she and Walt begin a relationship. This was already hinted at by several production photos prior. Overall I find Vic story arc very satisfying, offering a sense of drama that felt reminiscent to the beginning of Longmire. My hat goes off to Katee Sackhoff for her portrayal of Victoria Moretti.

Overall season 6 of Longmire get my thumbs up. I recommend you check out the series if you haven’t done so already. Longmire is based on the novels by Craig Johnson. Go check those out if you think the series is something you could like. Currently I am reading Dry Bones, but the latest novel is The Western Star released back in September.

Longmire Walt and Vic together