June 19, 2024


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Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review Hector DeJean aims his rifle

Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review – Does Hector take the shot?

Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review - Lena and Hector plan their shot

Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review

Fuck my life. Well,…. Pardon my swearing but Berlin Station just yanked my chain like few shows have. I suppose there no way to avoid a spoiler but this seventh episode ends on the sound of a suppressed weapon being fired. This happens as Hector DeJean is aiming his rifle at far-right politician Catarina Gerhardt. So the questions is. Did he take the shot? Or was he shot instead, and if so, by whom?

Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review - Steven Frost


This my review of the seventh episode of Berlin Station’s second season. During the last episode Robert and Steven discovered US ambassador to Germany Hanes has been funding the far-right PfD. In this episode Hines explains why. Leader of the PfD Catarina Gerhardt has promised the US access to all the data feeds the Germans have. Thus allowing the US intelligence community to spot potential terrorists early amongst the Syrian refugee’s in Germany. To Steven this all makes sense. Sure he doesn’t like it, but decides to cooperate. In contrast stands Hector. Who after attempting to obtain identification papers and have his bank accounts unfrozen is betrayed by BfV agent Esther Krug. This also has repercussion for the relationship between Daniel and Esther.

Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review Esther and Daniel

Valerie and April

All this means that the other characters have relatively little screen-time this episode. April now acts as an unofficial supporter of Hector, after she learns of the truth of what Hanes has been up to. It is wonderful how she as transformed since the start of the show. Meanwhile Valerie deals with the truth that Joseph has probably stayed loyal to Catarina. Which means she quit the C.I.A. for no reason. Valerie is at the PfD rally as Hector aims his rifle, and in a speech she warns April of the comprises she has had to make. This foreshadows events that will take place. Yet, none of this helps in finding out if Hector takes the shot.

Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review - Hector runs from the BfV

Hector DeJean

There have been times I considered Hector to be the villain of Berlin Station. Hector has betrayed people, betrayed friends, while rarely explaining his motives. Compared to Daniel he has compromised too often just for himself. But I also believe that Hector has more life-experience than Daniel. He has become a cynical man whose only chance to live is to continue to be as cynical as possible. It’s when Hector compromises this belief that shit happens. I must really compliment actor Rhys Ifans on his performance. His portrayal is hat of a man who burns like a cinder despite the cool exterior.

Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review - Michelle Forbes as Valerie Edwards


In this week’s episode it is April who tells him how the US State Department has funded Gerhardt’s PfD for their own gain. While everybody else complains and some vow to do something none ever will. Except a man such as Hector. And so by the end of the episode Hector is on that rooftop overlooking the Berlin Messe ready to take a shot. It is a maddening cliffhanger as on this will hang the remainder of the season. If Hector takes the shot and kills Gerhardt everybody’s world will shatter. Steven and Robert will no longer have a reason to remain in Berlin. If Hector is shot then the question is by whom. As far as I know only one person knows for certain Hector could be on that rooftop – Lena Ganz. If she has shot Hector, will she shoot Gerhardt as she previously vowed?

Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review - April watches the PfD rally

Next week

All this is maddening to consider, which of course is the point. Berlin Station is often a slow burn but there are times it sprints. During the first season there was the kidnapping of Clare Itani, and her death proved this show is not above killing some of its principal cast. For Hector to get her revenge by killing Gerhardt seems to easy. Sure the ensuing manhunt would make for fantastic TV but I am not certain Berlin Station wants to go in that direction. In one week’s time we will know. This was my review of Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review.

Berlin Station S02Ep07 Right and Wrong Review Hector DeJean aims his rifle