February 21, 2024


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Rogue Bit Review 1

Rogue Bit Review for the Nintendo Switch

Rogue Bit Review 1

Programming and hacking games are becoming increasingly more popular these days. Games such as Uplink, Exapunks and now Rogue Bit are each defining the genre in different ways. The latter is now also available for the switch. And this is not a straight-forward port. The in-game text has actually been altered for the Switch.

Rogue Bit Review 2

In Rogue Bit, you play as a sentient Bit. In actuality you are the second bit from a larger Byte. Your lot in life is to try and survive. If for example you XOR’ed, then your value is set to zero and that won’t do. Rogue Bit sports a very simple control scheme. You can move in four directions in if you bump into a character you can flip its bits. With this simple scheme designer Milan Babuskov has created a surprisingly difficult series of puzzles.

Rogue Bit is a fun little game. The gameplay is not difficult, you simply need to direct the bit into the right direction like any other platform game. Along the way you are presented with little computing puzzles that need to be solved to be able to continue. Luckily the circuitous route of the Gameworld takes you past all needed puzzle descriptions and hints.

Rogue Bit Review 4

Rogue Bit is not a difficult game. Just by trying variations on possible puzzle solutions was I able to make good progress. It is not until about half-way that the puzzles require a thoughtful analysis of computing operations.

Get Rogue Bit for just 2 dollars

Rogue Bit is not a long game by any means, it can be beaten in less than 2 hours. Though I suspect some puzzles will take players a while to figure out. The puzzles are not a breeze. That said, with a retail price of less than 2 dollars and rewards for replaying the game Rogue Bit is a fun puzzler to own.

My hat goes of to game designer Milan Babuskov and his small team at Bigosaur. I give this game a whole-hearted thumbs up.