March 4, 2024

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Happy Halloween – Greetings from the Afterlife

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Hello everybody. I hope you enjoy reading articles here on I can see readers are especially interested in yesterday’s review of Berlin Station. Perhaps I will add the series to my regular line-up. As some readers may have noticed the release of posts has become irregular. I have been busy, since April I have a new job and I have also focused more time on writing a book on Deep Learning. Another reason the frequency of articles was reduced is because a lot of my favorite TV shows are over. Person of Interest ended last year, Dark Matter was cancelled and so was Continuum. Nonetheless I have not given up on There are also plenty of new shows around – think Star Trek Discovery.

A new schedule

I have decided to plan my articles more than I use to. I have created what I think is an exciting schedule for the fall of 2017. This will includes reviews of The Last Jedi, Justice League, Battlefront 2 and Stranger Things season 2. I have decided to revisit some older series such as The Flash, The Blacklist and Mr. Robot. Also, I thought it fun to write retro reviews on Person Of Interest and Continuum. To top it off I will also include previews round up for 2018 and show what to expect of next year’s movies, games, series and novels. All that might sound like a lot of it work, but I believe I can average 3 articles per week. If you think this sounds good to then like my post.

I am still looking for a guest author for If you believe you can write articles on your favorite Sci-Fi topic for this site then please send me an email. Meanwhile I wish you a Happy Halloween, and a great fall of 2017.