15 minutes of Helix!

Up until a few days ago that wasn’t information available to give is us an impression of what Ronald D. Moore’s new show Helix was all about. We got a few screens, some snippets of teasers that just announce the air date and nothing else. However, die-hard Battlestar Galactica fans were convinced that even a show […]

Preview of 2014 Science-Fiction TV shows!

As the year 2013 has come to a close it is time to make up the balance and see what the year has meant for Science Fiction on TV. I will also be giving a preview of the Sci-Fi shows that will make their return or début during 2014. After a cursory view of the dates listed […]

Transcendence starring Johnny Depp – Preview and Trailer!

There are often themes for movies that are popular for a while for apparently no good reason. I think we weathered most of the zombie and vampire movies as well as the survival with a bow and arrow flicks. For 2014 and beyond human technology especially those to do with information technology, space exploration and genetic […]

Person Of Interest S3Ep11 Lethe Review!

During the preview of this weeks episode of PoI ‘Lethe’ I speculated that it would be a jumping board for the second half of the season. Oooh boy was I right. Sadly the episode ends on a major cliffhanger that won’t be answered until January 7th. ‘Lethe’ takes a while to get going, using old enemies such […]

Almost Human S1Ep6 Arrhythmia Review!

This weeks episode of Almost Human is entitled ‘Arrhythmia’. It deals with a blackmail operation undertaken by a group of people who have access to artificial hearts. As there are citizens who can’t get insured in the future they buy such a ‘second-hand’ heart on the black market. They must pay a regular fee or otherwise their heart will be […]

Elementary S2Ep11 ‘Internal Audit’ Review!

This episode of Elementary is slighted by several distractions to the storytelling and a watering down of Sherlock’s analytical procedures. As such this episode can probably be counted as one of the weakest of Elementary so far. It is saved by the return of Alfredo and the after-effects of last weeks shooting of Detective Bell. Internal […]

Edge Of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise – Preview!

After last year’s Oblivion and War of the World a decade before you may start to think Tom Cruise is getting typecast as the middle-aged (ahemmm) anti-hero fighting off the alien horde against all odds. This time the movie is called ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, it is a reference to a time-loop that future soldier  Lt. […]

Person of Interest S3Ep11 ‘Lethe’ Preview!

Reshuffle After a three week hiatus Person Of Interest will be back for one more episode on December 17th before another Christmas hiatus that will last until January 7th. The upcoming episode is entitled ‘Lethe’ and is the first after the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy that shook up the status quo. ‘Lethe’ will in particular deal with […]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S1Ep10 ‘The Bridge’ Review

Continuity One thing that irritates me beyond measure on a lot of procedural shows such as Person of Interest, Elementary and Haven is that characters from a particular episode rarely return. PoI in particular has a gift for making characters interesting enough to care about in just 43 minutes. However, besides a handful we never […]