June 22, 2024


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Helix Season 2 Teaser Trailer Logo

Helix Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Helix Season 2 Teaser Trailer Logo

Syfy has just released a teaser trailer for the upcoming second season of Helix, the high-concept show produced by BSG guru Ronald D. Moore. The first season proofed it had a lot of promise, but it could at times be burdened by the cumbersome backstory that had to be told of how Dr. Alan Farragut (played by Billy Campbell) deals with a viral outbreak at a remote arctic research station. The 13 episodes could also differ in quality especially near the end as the audience demanded resolution to some of the story elements while new elements were also introduced to keep the show going. Strangely enough despite the near complete carnage Dr. Alan Farragut and his team had to incur (a la Resident Evil) the season ended in an upbeat tone.

Helix Season 2 Teaser Trailer - Peter Farragut arrives at the island
Peter Farragut arrives at the island

The second season that will start airing on January 16th. The show will again have the Ilaria Corporation as it principal antagonist, but the scenery will change. Instead of Arctic wastelands it will take part on an island somewhere of the coast of North America. From the teaser trailer we can see that most of the principal cast that lived to see through the bloodshed of season 1 will return. As mentioned Billy Campbell will return as Dr. Allan Farragut, Neil Napier as his brother Peter, Jordan Hayes as Dr. Sarah Jordan and Kyra Zagorsky as Dr. Julia Walker. The latter ended up being the head of Ilaria Corporation in the season 1 finale and seemed to have undergone the same immortality treatment that all her fellow Ilaria colleagues have undergone.

Helix Season 2 Teaser Trailer - Jordan Hayes as Dr. Jordan
Jordan Hayes as Dr. Jordan

I have high hopes for Helix, though I am wondering whether it will get the audience it deserves at Syfy Channel. Syfy of course is in the process of transformation. Helix along with Defiance are the first of a new line up of high-concept TV shows.  I am hoping they will do better with those than they have with Haven, but 1 season 5 episode can make a grown man cry. So far there has been no news of Jeri Ryan returning as the Ilaria hatchet-woman, last we saw her was when her head was tossed into a helicopter.

I hope you enjoyed this cool but very brief teaser trailer. This was Helix Season 2 Teaser Trailer, please comment below what you though of season 1 and what you’re hopes are for the upcoming second season.

Helix Season 2 Teaser Trailer - The Island
The Island

Source; http://www.syfy.com/helix