Helix episode 4 ‘Single Strand’ Preview!

Next Friday the fourth episode of Helix will air. Unfortunately this episode wasn’t available on the website of Syfy Channel early like episode 3, so it will be almost two weeks since episode 3 and I am already feeling the Helix withdrawal symptoms. Episode 4 is entitled ‘Single Strand’ and seem bent on progressing the […]

Helix S1Ep3 ‘274’ Review

The first two episodes of Helix that aired last week brought about some strong emotions on various comment boards. Despite both episodes receiving good reviews and praise from fans there were plenty who despaired with arguments such as ‘it isn’t as good as Lost’, ‘it’s the X-file with all the black goo’ and ‘it’s going to be […]

Revolution S2Ep11 ‘Mis Dos Padres’ Review!

This weeks episode continues where the last one left off, Miles and Rachel are going to attempt to rescue Monroe after he has been captured by a drug cartel in Mexico. That is kind-off all you need to know. There are three more storylines, those of the Neville’s, Aaron/Ex-wife and Charlie/Gene that never really get […]

Star Wars Episode 7 Preview & Casting News!

Reporting the news around Star Wars  Episode 7 is a hard thing to do as frankly we know very little that is official. The news that is reported is often so little and based on rumors that it is either unworthy to report or you can wait a week for it to be confirmed or debunked. However, one […]

Helix S1Ep1&2 ‘Pilot’ & ‘Vector’ Review

Helix is a show that does little new. Instead it uses known horror and science fiction devices together with a compelling character driven story to drive viewers to the edge of their seat. In many ways the show reminds me of Ridley Scott’s movie Alien, still considered the best B-movie ever made in that it […]

Person Of Interest S3Ep13 ‘4C’ Preview

Last week’s episode of PoI ‘Aletheia’ was one hell of ride. The C.I.A led by Control and Hersh finally caught up with Harold and Shaw. Only the gun-blazing intervention of Root saved them but she was captured instead. During the torture she had to endure Root revealed that she can hear sound waves inaudible to […]

Agents of SHIELD S1Ep11 ‘The Magical Place’ Review

Finally, after seeing agent Coulson die in the 2012 movie The Avengers viewers found out how me was resurrected. Strangely enough it didn’t really seem that it was the most important thing of the episode. Instead what Coulson saw as his betrayal by SHIELD for ruining his relationship as well as Nick Fury’s unethical decision to bring him back […]

Almost Human S1Ep7 ‘Simon Says’ Review

Almost Human is back from its holiday hiatus with the episode ‘Simon Says’. Despite it being a good show it sadly did not use a cliffhanger like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to keep viewers returning. Instead Almost Human is still in standalone mode with each episode being a self-contained story arc. The story thus progresses only […]