Revolution S2Ep3 ‘Love Story’ Review

With this weeks episode, ‘Love Story’, Revolution continues to improve in quality. The show keeps handing out some hard punches but at the cost of a very fast past that sadly causes us to lose a character that was only recently introduced. As explained in the review of the previous episode Revolution has now been divided […]

Person of Interest S3Ep3 ‘Lady Killer’ Review

Person of Interest is a great show but once in a while you get a real stinker of an episode. I remember one or two from both earlier seasons but this episode is pretty much the lamest ever. I don’t think the creative staff purposefully set out to make a bad episode (why would they) […]

Revolution S2Ep2 ‘There Will Be Blood’ Review

Revolution is one of those shows that everyone at times seems to love to hate. Season 1 for that matter got a lot of flak. Despite being a Bad Robot productions series it hardly lived up to the quality of other shows such as Lost, Fringe and Person of Interest. Instead it came closer to Alcatraz in […]

Elementary season 2 premiere ‘Step Nine’ review!

I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Elementary starring Johnny Lee Miller (Hackers) and Lucy Liu. However, the rather early dénouement of the Moriarty/Irene Adler storyline left a slight bitter aftertaste. I was thus not looking forward to hearing anything about during season 2. Luckily the first episode primarily takes part in London and makes […]

Agents of SHIELD ‘Pilot’ Review!

One of the first things I was wondering about at the start of the pilot of ‘Agents of SHIELD’ was which character the show would focus on. Sure, agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) has certainly gotten most of the fans attention but it became clear quite quickly that an aura of mystery would surround him and his resurrection for a […]

Person Of Interest S3Ep1 ‘Liberty’ Review!

Person Of Interest is back for its third season. Ever since May the buzz for this show increased when it became clear that both characters Samantha Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Root (Amy Acker) would return as regulars. This enlargement of cast along with resolution of the ‘find-the-machine’ storyline considerably increases the scope of the series. PoI creative […]

Haven S4Ep2 ‘Survivors’ review!

Survivors This week’s episode of Haven continues with the menacing tone that has been brought upon the personal relations of both Nathan and Duke. For once it is not a troubled person that is the biggest threat but instead it is The Guard. During last weeks episode the new character Jennifer made a prophecy that if […]

Become a Person of Interest during its 3rd season!

CBS has a new way to lure fans of the show into its third season. Now you can upload your photo to the show’s Facebook page, from there on it might just show up in the show at any moment during the course of its third season. As you may remember CBS had something similar to […]

Science-fiction & Fantasy fall 2013 TV schedule!

Haven. The first episode of Haven had already aired on the 13th of September. It was a good episode though it did have twists and turns that kind of destroyed the suspense. the shows creators seem to have taken up on certain criticism about the women in the show. Not only is Kate Kelton’s character Jordan not […]