Almost Human S1Ep3 ‘Are You Receiving?’ Review!

After the pilot and the rather weird second episode of Almost Human I was ready for a run-of-the-mill story that would allow me to get an idea of what to expect. This week’s episode is entitled ‘Are You Receiving?’ and deals with Kennex and Dorian responding to a hostage situation. The story follows a familiar […]

Person of Interest S3Ep9 ‘The Crossing’ Review!

This week’s episode of Person of Interest continues immediately were ‘Endgame’ from the last week stopped. ‘The Crossing’ is the second episode in a trilogy that is intended to act as a reboot for the series. Person of Interest developed some problems during its second season when characters left the show in rapid succession requiring quick […]

Almost Human S1Ep2 ‘Skin’ Review!

Yesterday’s pilot of Almost Human was very polished though it did shy away from taking too much risk. The banter between Michael Ealy as Dorian and Karl Urban as John Kennex is clearly the biggest attraction to the show. The only possible problem I foresee is writer fatigue and the need to find increasingly outrageous dialogue […]

Almost Human S1Ep1 ‘Pilot’ Review!

Bad Robot Productions Almost Human is an unexpected treat, the first hints of a new Sci-fi show from Bad Robot Productions came last year. The news kind-of got buried by ‘Agents of SHIELD’ and this summer’s Hollywood blockbusters. It wasn’t until this spring that it looked as though ‘Almost Human’  created by J.H Wyman (Fringe) […]

Revolution S2Ep8 ‘Come Blow Your Horn’ Review!

I am sorry that I didn’t review last weeks episode of Revolution, but all you need to know is that Monroe lived through his death sentence. Almost immediately the series switched gears and showed more of how the US government, or Patriots, work behind the scene. The patriots are season two’s latest antagonists and I […]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1Ep7 ‘The Hub’ Review!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back with the episode ‘The Hub’. I must say that the shows hype is starting to diminish just when its quality is picking up. The previous two episode were just fantastic as two high quality standalone stories. However, fans were left irritated with the lack of knowledge about the wider universe of […]

Person of Interest S3Ep8 ‘Endgame’ Review!

This weeks episode ‘Endgame’ pushes Person of Interest into a higher gear as the deaths of Laskey and in particular of Cal Beecher from the previous season set events in motion that threaten the lives of Carter, Fusco and even Mr. Reese. Endgame is the first of three episodes that deals with the HR vs. […]

Sleepy Hollow S1Ep7 ‘The Midnight Ride’ review!

Last weeks episode of Sleepy Hollow was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. After weeks of seeing dull plot lines that make no sense and character moments left mysteriously unexplored I pretty much had it. Sleepy Hollow feels undercooked, a TV-series with little love from its creators who seem distracted by the many […]

Person of Interest S3Ep7 ‘The Perfect Mark’ Review!

Once in a while Person of Interest manages to shine with a non-mythology episodes. It doesn’t happened often but it does happen. What also sets this episode apart is the resolution of the Carter/Laskey plot. The resolution comes in a cold and swift fashion that is familiar to PoI. Though it may have come too soon. The […]

Babylon 5 + The Wachowski’s = Holy Shit!

Fans of Babylon 5 and The Matrix (ooh common, there must be overlap) have something to look forward to. Apparently Netflix have brought Babylon 5 creator J. Straczynski and the Wachowski siblings together for a previously unknown series entitled ‘Sense8’. Netflix has already blessed the series with a full first season of episodes, so there […]