May 19, 2024

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All present Science Fiction TV-shows listed (2013)!

All sci-fi series 2013 listed.

With Fringe ending and Alphas cancelled, so soon in the wake of the cancellation of Alcatraz, Terra Nova and Eureka you might be wondering just what Sci-Fi TV-shows are even on the air. For example, last year I only found out about Continuum just a few days before the release of the pilot while browsing the web. On various forums people seem to like the show but the first time they heard about was when it started airing on the Syfy channel two weeks ago. So I decided to make a little list of all current and upcoming sci-fi TV-shows so you won’t have to miss anything. This list won’t include the myriad of shows in webisode format as they are often just on for a short duration and keep irregular schedules.

So here it is, the list of all Science Fiction TV-shows airing in 2013 as well as those in pre-production.

Warehouse 13.

This show starring Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelley is well into its fourth season, but it quality is often inconsistent. It is as goofy as Eureka but somehow I can’t get interested in the characters. During its first two season both Allison Scagliotti and Jaime Murray joined the cast in spectacular fashion but afterwards things got a bit muddled with improbable plots and forgettable villains. I hope Warehouse 13 all the best but even its supporters agree that the first two season have only been emulated in drama and special effects but not in soul. Warehouse 13 will be back April 22nd on the Syfy Channel.

Jaime Murray as H.G. Wells - A New Hope - Warehouse 13 sci-series 2013
Jaime Murray as H.G. Wells – A New Hope – Warehouse 13

Person of Interest.

The adventures of Mr. Reese (James Caviezel) and Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson) has certainly been one of the biggest highlights of the past year, the shows clear realism when it comes to the action scenes stands in contrast with Alphas and Revolution. This show also has the ability to keep reinventing itself and it isn’t afraid of putting the lead characters in the hurt locker. The Sci-fi elements are a bit thin but that is slowly changing. So far the second season has been a slight disappointment with the creative staff trying to delay the mythology elements, but all that changed during the last episode with the return of CIA hit-woman Kate Stanton (Annie Parrisse). Person of Interest will be back January 31st with the episode “Dead Reckoning”.

Person of Interest - Amy Acker as Root sci-series 2013
Person of Interest – Amy Acker as Root


This show is perhaps the only hard-core Science Fiction series airing at the moment, at least until Defiance arrives. It’s relatively short first season was tightly written though it had a hard time deciding whether it would be procedural in nature akin to Person of Interest or more of a serial drama such as Revolution. So far it is a bit of both which I don’t really mind at all. Continuum reminds me a lot of both Sliders and Total Recall 2070, which is high praise. Continuum is also one of the few shows that is not only filmed in Vancouver but also set in Vancouver. The lead-characters of Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) and Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) have this strange distant relationship akin to Louis Lane and Clark Kent (with the roles reversed). I hope this will fixed in the second season. Continuum should be back for a 13-episode season in April.

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron - Family Time - Continuum sci-series 2013
Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron – Family Time – Continuum


So far, Revolution has felt a little bit undercooked. It plot has been a bit weak and its characters somewhat bland, though the show does have promise as it’s mythology is still underdeveloped. The first half of its first season did improve gradually but not all creative choices got the thumbs up. The second half of its first season does promise to put some ‘revolution’ into the Revolution with the shows characters such as Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) no longer having to play the damsels in distress. The male leads such as Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) and General Monroe (David Lyons) have really managed to shine. Even though J.J. Abrams is producing it there is little resemblance to Lost when it comes to the quality of narrative, so far no-show has managed to come even close. Revolution will probably do better in the remaining episodes but it is close to being cancelled as ratings hover around 7 million. The show will be back on the air on March 25th.

Rachel Matheson (elizabeth Mitchell) shoots man - Revolution
Rachel Matheson (elizabeth Mitchell) – Revolution

Tron: Uprising.

This anime show on Disney XD is an effort to continue the Tron franchise, though the show’s quality is overall very good its ratings have been quite abysmal. The 22-minute per episode format can be blamed a bit for that because it forces the plot to sometimes jump the shark a bit to keep the action going. Tron Uprising’s final episode ‘Terminal’ will be reviewed on this site tomorrow and I will have to guess afterwards whether we will see the show back for a second season. My instincts tell me ‘no’ though it would leave a big gap for Disney in its line-up.

Tron Uprising - Paige
Tron Uprising – Paige


Yes I know, Haven is more of a ‘supernatural’ show than Sci-Fi, so you might think I should add ‘Supernatural’ to the list as well. I agree, perhaps I should, but I won’t. Haven has a lot of mystery and mythology building behind it that reminds me a bit of Lost. So I am just connecting the dots here a bit and so I put the show to the list. Haven just ended with a very good season 3, though due to some sloppy handling of the plot in the second of half of the season it is not as good as it could be, let’s hope that the shows creative staff can up the ante for its fourth season. Expect Haven back in the autumn.

Kate Kelton as Jordan McKee - Haven - Thanks for the Memories
Kate Kelton as Jordan McKee – Haven – Thanks for the Memories

Dr Who.

I don’t often watch Dr Who, but I do know that the franchise has pretty much conquered the world. The show will be back in late March for the remainder of its series 7.

Upcoming shows.


Yes Defiance is that show that also has a MMO running at the same time and it stars Jaime Murray. Personally I can’t wait for a new hard-core Sci-Fi show but I do hope it won’t be too familiar as the premise sounds like a mash-up of some shows from the 90’s. Defiance will start airing on April 15th.

Untitled future-set robot cop series from J.J Abrams.

According to the rumors on the show is being worked with fellow Fringe’s J,H. Wyman. The project is intended for Fox and the pilot may be ready for the autumn, though whether it will be aired it another matter.


The untitled show now has a title – Human – and will star Karl Urban and Minka Kelly as the buddy-cop duo with a twist. As reported the pilot is in production so we will see of the show will catch on.

You can read the preview of J.J Abrams Human right here.

Minka Kelly - Human with Karl Urban
Minka Kelly – Human with Karl Urban


This is the second new series by J.J. Abrams and is intended for NBC and is about a young girl with special powers who needs to be protected by an ex-con. It sounds a bit familiar but I’ll give it a shot when the pilot arrives. I do hope this doesn’t mean that people at Bad Robot Productions are understaffed because after Alcatraz and Revolution you would think they should concentrate on dotting the I’s.

Rumored upcoming shows.

Star Trek series.

Ever since the Star Trek Reboot the net has been flooded with rumors of a new TV-series based on Star Trek. In the last few months there have even been a few ideas mulled around by people such as J.J. Abrams. I think a reboot can do with a serialized format for a change because the previous 1-episode concludes-all shows were getting a bit on my nerve. If a Star Trek TV-series is in the works, be ready for a long wait.

Star Wars live action TV-series.

This has been in development hell for years now due to high costs, but ever since Disney bought LucasFilm things have shifted into a higher gear. I expect the show to arrive sometime in 2014. If you can’t wait until then, try out Star Wars 1313 video game which promises a fresh take on this franchise.


This show is promised to be a mix between ‘The West Wing’ and ‘The X-files’ with big names such as Jon Favreau, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci behind it. However it has been quiet for while now with the only announcement being from October of 2011 and a few rumors afterwards.

Overall it’s not a bad line-up. It has  made me feel better about Fringe and Eureka because despite them being two good shows they were suffering a bit from creative fatigue. Also note that I have spoofed the amount of bad-girls on TV right now. Most shows still have trouble really making the female characters interesting and instead either used them for drama because the men can’t be seen out of character or as gender benders by giving them useless villain roles.

Please note that if this present line-up were to become reality I will need some more authors for to keep up with the news and reviews. Feel free to ‘Register’ for this site and become a contributor. Regards, Kane.