May 19, 2024

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Tron Uprising ‘No Bounds’ Review!

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Tron Uprising is a anime series on Disney XD set in the world of TRON that received a reboot/sequel back in 2011. The film wasn’t a major success but not a failure either as another sequel has already entered pre-production. Tron Uprising however has been in the danger zone for some time, I have watched every episode and found the series to be very good. It’s 22-minute per episode format does mean the plot is a little thin while the 30-minute pilot held so much promise. Unfortunately, I have not reviewed many episodes because honestly I wasn’t sure anyone would read them. Now that we have only one more episode to go after ‘No Bounds’ I have decided to see if I can change your perception of Tron: Uprising and justify a second season.

Tron Uprising - Cyrus - No Bounds
Tron Uprising – Cyrus

As for the plot of ‘No Bounds’…

While the soldiers of General Tesler are roaming Argon city looking for hidden energy amongst the populace a person wearing a similar white outfit to that of Tron and Beck plays havoc by killing civilians for the energy. Quickly people turn against their would be liberator ‘The Renegade’. Mara is also injured in an attack and whilst  learning of her story Beck sees a familiar figure standing in the crowd. After confronting the person Beck discovers that it is Cyrus, the once pupil of Tron of is determined to defeat both Beck and Tron Cyrus masterminds a plot by using Mara and Zed leverage as Beck can’t reveal to them he is ‘The Renegade’. Cyrus let’s it slip that he has planted a bomb at Able’s garage and Beck rushes back to deactivate the bomb but on arrival it is revealed that the bomb was hidden in Beck’s lightcycle which he has driven into the garage himself. Able berates him for his mistake but also blames TRON for allowing a man like Cyrus to escape. Beck questions how Able knows Cyrus, Able reveals that he built the prison for his detention.

Tron Uprising - No Bounds - Mara and Zed dancing
Mara and Zed dancing

Able suggests that Cyrus is well capable of more such intrigue. He is proven correct when Beck realizes that the disc he took from Cyrus maybe a Trojan horse. Quickly Beck and Able reach Tron’s hideout but find it is too late, Cyrus has attached bombs to Tron, Mara and Zed and deposited them in two locations in Argon city. Beck tells Able to rescue Zed and Mara while he will rescue TRON. As Beck reaches TRON he is confronted by Cyrus who questions why he would sacrifice Zed and Mara. Beck doesn’t reply by saying that Able is on that task. After freeing Tron Beck leaves to help Able. Tron manages to defeat Cyrus after the latter becomes over-confident but in reality Tron seems to be no match of Cyrus. Cyrus flees but seems to have managed to get revenge for Able is killed while rescuing Zed and Mara. As Beck reaches the site where Able was killed he is recognized as ‘The Renegade’ by people in the street,  they chase after him thinking he was responsible.In the final scene TRON suggests to Beck he can’t quit being ‘The Renegade’ and suggests that things are going to get much harder before they get easier.

Tron and Beck confront Cyrus
Tron and Beck confront Cyrus


This episode of Tron Uprising just shows what a fine series this can be if Disney put any effort in promoting it a bit. The studio seems hell-bent on cancelling it after they have moved the show to a midnight time-slot, and that for a series that could very well gain an audience amongst the more youthful people. Visually this series has steadily improved since the pilot. It’s creators seem very adept at reusing exciting sets from pervious episodes to spare some of the budget while making the neon-light drip from the screen. Very impressive indeed.

This series is for the most part about Beck and his revolution, earlier on in the season one would describe him as immature with Tron being the big draw for the audience whishing to see more of the TRON mythology. Now, with Able’s death in particular I think Beck is growing up. I hope the second season of Tron: Uprising will allow Beck to further grow out from under Tron’s shadow.

Tron Uprising - No Bounds - Able tries to disarm the bomb
Able tries to disarm the bomb

Zed and Mara remain effective for laughs but their relationship does seem to be permanently in limbo, get on with it already.

I am sorry to see that the character of Able was killed in this episode, but it does seem that it is the sacrifice that the series required. In the last few episodes Able acted much like a surrogate father to Beck in the same fashion that TRON has always done. However, Able’s sacrifice is necessary for Beck to grow up out of the shadow of TRON. And if this series is at risk of being cancelled than canning a few voice actors might be a necessity, though why they hired Tricia Helfer to voice the Grid is anyone’s guess, I am betting on her needing a new pair of Louboutin high heels for next weekend was the reason she signed up.

I wish the shows creative staff and Charlie Bean in particular the best of luck with saving this show.

Score; 9 / 10. A surprisingly effective episode, shame there was no Paige.

Tron's lair
Tron’s lair
Tron Uprising - The Renegade wanted
Tron Uprising – The Renegade wanted
Tron Uprising - Mara and Zed manage to escape the explosion
Tron Uprising – Mara and Zed manage to escape the explosion
Tron Uprising - Cyrus victim
Cyrus victim
Tron The renegade is the assassin
The renegade