Earthquake Bird Trailer and Preview

Yesterday saw the release of the official trailer for Earthquake Bird. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Susanna Jones and start Alicia Vikander. Set in the late 80s Japan Vikander plays Lucy Fly, an expat who becomes the lead suspect in the disappearance of her friend Lily. Earthquake Bird […]

Joker Review – the most depressing movie of 2019 and its greatest

For most of the year the movie I was looking forward to most was Joker. When a famous actor – especially a character actor such as Joaquin Phoenix – stars in the origin story of one of the best villains of all time you know it will be great. You know it will also be […]

Hack Yourself First Review – an introduction not to miss

A few days ago I managed to obtain a review copy of a recently released book on cyber security. It is called Hack Yourself First by Stephen Haywood. I have a read a fair number of books on the topic during the past decade and I can tell you: less is more. Plenty of tomes […]

Rogue Bit Review for the Nintendo Switch

Programming and hacking games are becoming increasingly more popular these days. Games such as Uplink, Exapunks and now Rogue Bit are each defining the genre in different ways. The latter is now also available for the switch. And this is not a straight-forward port. The in-game text has actually been altered for the Switch. In […]

Star Wars Age of Resistance Kylo Ren Review

This week I am reviewing another single issue in the Star Wars Age of Resistance maxiseries. Last week I reviewed the Rey comic issue. This time the character focus is on Kylo Ren – or Ben Solo if you see things from a certain point of view. I take everybody is familiar Ben became Kylo […]

Ad Astra Review – Brad Pitt subverts expectations

One of the oddball movies to see this year was for me Ad Astra. Before I saw it yesterday I knew very little about it. It appeared on my radar 2 years ago as some low-budget sci-fi flick, it just happen to star Brad Pitt, and Tommy Lee Jones, and Donald Sutherland as well as […]

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