June 18, 2024


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Happy Christmas

Wishing you a happy Christmas, from SciFiEmpire.net

Hello everybody

It is now Christmas morning and I wanted to wish everybody a happy Christmas. It is an odd season, last year where I lived everything was closed down due to the pandemic. Sadly, the same is true this year now that a new variant has emerged. Yet, a change has come, I believe come spring time life will slowly revert to what it was pre-pandemic. all that remains will be seasonal vaccinations and maybe mask requirements.. So with that out of the way it has suddenly adorned to me that I am really stuck at home during the holiday season. So what can I do?

Christmas, making YouTube videos

So far this year has been very good for me. I have been earning an incredible amount of money as a software engineer doing a job I really love. However, for some time I have been thinking of striking out on my own, begin a startup in the field of Deep Learning. During this holiday I will be concentrating on preparing to do just that next year. Meanwhile readers of this blog will have noticed I have changed the emphasis to making YouTube videos. That way I reach a much larger audience. So far success has been what I expected. I have reached fair number of subscribers, just shy of 140. For 2022 I hope to reach a thousand. That will take a lot of doing. Making videos is fun, but also exhaustive. By the time I have made the recording I grow impatient and slacken with the editing.

Christmas scene

In the last few days I was planning a video review for The Matrix Resurrections, but that is cancelled. It is difficult to put down in writing everything I feel about the movie. So I have saved myself and everybody else a negative rant. Instead I will use my holiday to make some other videos, one is a devlog for a hacking game I have been building. Because of the limited time I can spend it won’t be anything like an Indie game, but I hope to come reasonably close. As an experienced Java programmer I will be using LWJGL to create my own engine, not unlike ThinMatrix.

So please do subscribe to my YouTube Channel, that way you won’t miss any of my videos. Well, again I wish everybody a very Merry Christmas. Please do indulge in the chocolates, cakes and drinks. I know I will.