Land of Wolves by Craig Johnson Review

Its September, and you know what that means – another Craig Johnson novel. Specifically, another Longmire novel featuring our favorite Absaroka County sheriff Walt Longmire, and his kick-ass deputy Vic. This year’s novel is entitled Land of Wolves, an animal that features no small role. Land of Wolves feels like a refreshing reboot of the […]

Blade Runner 2019 # 3 Review – Ash visits Tyrell corp.

This Blade Runner 2019 # 3 of the comic sets off right after the last one stopped. After her spinner is attacked Ash manages to crash land it. Her injuries are severe and unfortunately her fellow Blade Runner colleagues discover her extensive body modifications. Her boss pulls her off the case and she even loses […]

Star Wars Resistance Rey # 1 Review

Since the summer Marvel has released single issue Star Wars comics under the Resistance maxiseries label. All of these issues are themed around a character from the sequel trilogy. The series gives us a little bit of insight into the characters in the run up to Rise of Skywalker. We have had Finn, Poe and […]

Borderlands 3 Review – back to Pandora for more loot

Since 2009 Gearbox Software has been entertaining players with their cell-shaded graphics, loot-boxes and coop gameplay. Now Borderlands 3 is out and it feels like the developers have managed to yet again surprise me with their solid gameplay. The campaign sports about 35 hours of gameplay. I have done about a third of that. While […]

The Fashion of Elementary Season 7

Elementary may have concluded, but that does not mean we cannot admire its fashion one last time. For seven seasons I have admired how Rebecca Hofherr and her supporting staff clothed Joan and Sherlock. Joan especially sported a trendy, urban but also daring style. While wearing miniskirt and high heels to a crime scene may […]

Jedi Outcast and Jedi academy announced for Nintendo Switch

In what some consider to be a totally random announcement Disney has stated Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy are to be ported to the Nintendo Switch. In fact Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast will be released on September 24th while Jedi Academy is slated for early 2020. So far the Nintendo Switch has […]

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Review

The Dark Crystal is one of those 80s movie that makes you think they were using a lot more weed than you might think. The movie was directed by the late Jim Henson and Frank Oz (Yoda). Henson was always a genius and I am still saddened when I think of his passing in 1990. […]

The Girl Who Lived Twice Review

The sixth book of Stieg Larsson‘s Millennium series – The Girl Who Lived Twice – has just been released. Since the release of the fourth in 2015 the novels are written by David Lagercrantz as the original novelist dies in 2004. Lagercrantz has some big shoes to fill, the original novel that started it all […]