Star Trek Picard S01E10 “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2” Review

After 10 weeks the season ends with Star Trek Picard S01E10 “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2”. This unlikely series starring Patrick Stewart got of to a rough start, but its intriguing premise ensured viewers stuck with it as it slowly increased in scope and speed. In fact, the scope increased so much that I […]

Picard Episode 9 Review – the endgame is near

After 8 episodes the story of Star Trek Picard has finally reached its climax. In this week’s episode (the 9th) – Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1 – we see Picard, Soji and party arrive at their destination of Capalius. Its the planet were Dr. Bruce Maddox created Soji and her twin sister Dahj. Once […]

Star Trek Picard S01E01 Review

As optimistic as I have been for a Jean-Luc Picard series I have also worried. Does one of my favorite TV characters really need another adventure? And is this show not just an attempt by CBS to make up for what fans consider to be a mild disappointment with regards to Discovery? And yet, how […]

Star Trek: Picard Preview – already the best show of 2020?

After years of suffering a figurative drought in Star Trek shows we are suddenly inundated with new shows. However, not all is well. So far Discovery has had a mediocre response with many fans feeling alienated by the fast-pace and high drama. On January 23 next year CBS has an opportunity to make things right […]

Star Trek TNG Season 7 Blu-ray Review

Star Trek TNG Season 7 Blu-ray Review Welcome to the review of Star Trek The Next Generation Season 7. It has been a long journey since I reviewed season 1 over two years ago, but we have finally arrived. Season 7 is difficult to review. There is so much to like, but there are some bad apples […]

Star Trek The Next Generation Season 6 Blu-ray Review

Star Trek The Next Generation Season 6 Blu-ray Review Officially the season 6 Blu-Ray disc set for Star Trek TNG wasn’t supposed to be released until the 24th of June. I had forgotten to pre-order my copy so imagine my surprise when I saw it in the shops 5 days early. Of course I had […]

Enterprise Season 4 Blu-Ray Review

As the series finale of Star Trek The Next Generation tells us ‘All good things come to an end’. And so has the last Star Trek series, after only 4 seasons it was cancelled in 2005. The show had a fantastic last 2 season but viewer fatigue and a lack of innovation meant it got cut […]

Warehouse 13 ‘There’s Always a Downside’ Preview!

Last weeks episode of Warehouse 13 entitled ‘Personal Effects’ was considerably better than the seasons first two, so for once I can say I am really looking forward to the next iteration of this show in which Steve will have to become familiar with the side effects of his newly found non-death. Unfortunately, going from […]