April 18, 2024


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Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December

Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December. There is more than Star Wars!

Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December

Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December

With the days slowly ticking away to the release of The Force Awakens you could be forgiven to have missed there is more first class Science Fiction coming in December. Sure December 18th is edged in most reader’s minds, even though you can watch The Force Awakens on December 16th at select cinema’s. Nonetheless, you’re evenings until that day won’t have go slowly as Syfy is releasing two news series: The Expanse based on authors James S. A. Corey series of novels and Childhood’s End, based on the Arthur C. Clarke novel of the same name. Below is a small preview if you don’t know what these series are about.

The Expanse - Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December

The Expanse

Arguably the most anticipated show since the release of Better Call Saul. Syfy is dedicated to making this series the true successor to Battlestar Galactica. Some have even labeled it as Game of Thrones set in space. The novels by authors  James S. A. Corey did get the thumbs up from author of A Song Of Ice and Fire, G.R.R. Martin. Syfy has already released the first episode to promote its streaming service a few weeks back, but the official release won’t be until December 14th. For those eager to see more of the show won’t have to wait long. The second episode will be released the day after. The remainder of the 10 episode season will be released on a weekly basis. You can read a review of the first episode here. The extended trailer below shows the Syfy is dedicated to creating a series with higher production values than Dark Matter and Killjoys.

The Expanse making of trailer

Childhood's end - Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December

Childhood’s End

The other major show that will start in December is Childhood’s End, a three-part miniseries starring Mike Vogel and Charles Dance. The release schedule resembles Ascension with each part released on consecutive nights starting December 14th. Childhood’s End has a focus on drama with a alien invasion of Earth. The visuals from the trailers remind me a bit Independence Day. I am a little worried whether a show such as Childhood’s End isn’t one too many. Others such as V and The Event have preceded it without becoming break out successes despite a stellar cast. Below you can see a preview of the first episode.

Childhood’s End will also star Colm Meaney and Julian McMahon. At this moment it is not clear whether Syfy intends to give the miniseries a sequel. Last years Ascension remaind a one-off despite good reviews and rumors of a second season.

All this means that Syfy has continued to expand it core line-up of show that harken back to its origins. Meanwhile The Force Awakens premieres tomorrow December 14th, the first reviews will be in on December 16th while a general release is set for December 18th. That means it will certainly be a busy week! This was my article Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December. I hope you enjoyed it!