Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December. There is more than Star Wars!

Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December With the days slowly ticking away to the release of The Force Awakens you could be forgiven to have missed there is more first class Science Fiction coming in December. Sure December 18th is edged in most reader’s minds, even though you can watch The Force Awakens on December 16th at […]

The Medusa Chronicles – Alastair Reynolds and Stephen Baxter join forces

The Medusa Chronicles Hot after the release of his novel Poseidon’s wake and his short-fiction Slow Bullets famed SF author Alastair Reynolds has another book almost ready to go. It is entitled The Medusa Chronicles and it was co-written with another famous SF author, Stephen Baxter. The story is a sequel to the Arthur C. […]

Syfy adapts Dan Simmons Hyperion as a TV event!

Syfy adapts Dan Simmons Hyperion! The Syfy Channel continues its efforts to re-invent itself. In two days viewers can watch a new SF series: Dark Matter and a week later Killjoys. In the meantime, more fantastic news is out. Syfy adapts Dan Simmons Hyperion as a TV event! According to Blastr.com ‘Syfy channel will team up with […]