The Expanse Season 4 preview – Amazon takes a risk

In just two weeks The Expanse season 4 will be released. The series, based on the continuing novels of authors James S. A. Corey is often described as Game of Thrones set in space. I suppose that alone makes it worth watching – and it is. but the description hardly does it justice. It goes […]

Happy Halloween 2019 + schedule for the fall

I will start by wishing everybody a Happy Halloween Halloween is slowly starting to become more of an event where I live. In fact I saw the first pumpkin lanterns just now as I was walking outside through the autumn coldness. And there is plenty to do this Halloween weekend. Playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 and […]

2019 Most anticipated Sci-Fi Series

If you are curious which Sci-Fi series will be the best in 2019 and you don’t want to miss any of them. Well, read my little list below… Another Life I make little effort to disguise that one of my favorite actresses is Katee Sackhoff. From playing Starbuck on the Battlestar Galactica reboot to Vic […]

The Expanse S03E02 IFF Review – Elizabeth Mitchell will make her entrance

The Expanse S03E02 IFF Review After Westworld and Altered Carbon, The Expanse is probably the best Sci-Fi show around. Now into its third season Syfy has continued to expand the story and its cast. Based on current book series by authors James S. A. Corey, the show features a cold war style standoff between Earth and […]

Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December. There is more than Star Wars!

Upcoming Sci-Fi shows in December With the days slowly ticking away to the release of The Force Awakens you could be forgiven to have missed there is more first class Science Fiction coming in December. Sure December 18th is edged in most reader’s minds, even though you can watch The Force Awakens on December 16th at […]

The Expanse Pilot Review – Syfy increases the stakes!

The Expanse Pilot Review Finally the first episode of The Expanse has streamed on Syfy. The show is a space opera adaptation of authors (plural) James S.A Corey novel series of the same name. The show has been hotly anticipated with expectations running high as comparisons were made to Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones. […]

Syfy cancels Defiance – After 3 seasons fans will have to switch to Dark Matter, Killjoys and The Expanse

Syfy cancels Defiance In a surprise twist Syfy has cancelled Rockne O’Bannon’s futuristic series. Defiance has only completed its third season this summer, but the steadily dropping ratings were cause for Syfy to cancel it entirely. Defiance first aired in 2013 and was an experiment at a transmedia franchise. At the time of the TV-series launch a Massive Multiplayer […]

Syfy unveils The Expanse – A hard-boiled space opera by James S. A. Corey

The Expanse If all the news, panels and revelations at this years Comic-Conn weren’t enough Syfy unveiled The Expanse, the channels latest space opera. The series is based on the novel series by James S. A. Corey, the pen names for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. The Expanse has often been described as A Song Of […]