July 21, 2024


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Joan Watson in a black pencil skirt with a tie

The Fashion of Elementary Season 5

The Fashion of Elementary Season 5

Over a  year ago I wrote a short article on the fashion of Elementary, the modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. That article has remained one of the most popular on this blog so I thought it time for a follow-up. In the old article I gave the wardrobe selected for both Sherlock and Joan a lot of praise. I also made some fun of the fact that Joan’s wardrobe consisted mostly of skimpy skirts. The wardrobe was put together by Rebecca Hofherr, who continues to make excellent choices.

As season 6 is quickly approaching (expect the premiere to be in October) I think a small recap of season 5 is in order. I have chosen from a selection of 5 costumes that I think defined Lucy Liu as Joan Watson the most. To put it succinctly, season 5 was perhaps more feminine and chic than any previous season. An exception can be argued for the Ingrid Skirt in Black by Bcbgmaxazria as seen in season 3. Though I am certain no one would wear that to a crime scene.

Jacquard wool-blend skirt by Oscar de la Renta
Scalloped Cady Dress by RED Valentino
Jacquard Tank Dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim
Soft Tailoring Mini Dress by Camilla and Marc
Linen Skirt by Celine
Joan Watson in a black pencil skirt with a tie

One thing that was noticeable was the increased emphasize on formal wear. Joan wore more suits, ties and dark clothing. Yet her wardrobe remained chic. If you are interested in the fashion of elementary and want to know more about the individual selection check WornOnTV and TheTake.

As for the TV-show, I think season 6 should be its last. I like Elementary, but slowly it is becoming too familiar. The show’s creators have had only mixed success with refreshing its format. Familiar characters such as Morland, Moriarty, Mycroft and a slew of others have not been seen for several seasons in some cases. It feels like the show should end, though I hope a fresh spin-off is also possible. Recently Nelsan Ellis, who played Shinwell Johnson, died from complications of heart failure. Hereby I make my condolences. The character of Shinwell died in the last episode of season 5 and so Elementary has turned another leave…