April 16, 2024


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PAMELA Preview - bloom effects on the promenade

PAMELA Preview – open-world survival horror mixes BioShock and Mass Effect

PAMELA Preview - Beautiful Eden promenade

Nvyve throws caution in the wind – PAMELA Preview

One of the most sought after games for 2016 is the open-world survival-horror game PAMELA, stylized as P.A.M.E.L.A. The game has been in development with a small indie game producer NVYVE Studios. NVYVE has only six employees who are working full-time to bring the game to release for STEAM. PAMELA is being produced using the Unity engine which so far is mostly used for Android games and budget console games. Yet the quality of the screenshots speak for themselves.

PAMELA Preview - pamela AI awakens the player

NVYVVE Studios has released a trailer for the game which shows how a utopian world called Eden in which the pursuit of perfection and fixing faults causes complete disaster. The trailer is called Rebirth and features music by Jeff van Dyck who worked as a composer for the Total War series and Alien Isolation.

Watch the PAMELA trailer below, and drool!

The game is unusual for its very ambitious goals. Set in an open-world, players have to pass through the game in a non-linear fashion. The environment will not be procedurally generated. Players will experience the game as one of the utopian’s citizens where they are guided by the sympathetic A.I called PAMELA. NVYVE has confirmed players can choose for permadeath, there will also be day and night cycles as well as weather cycles.

PAMELA Preview - bloom effects on the promenade

Straddling genres

There are few better ways to discover whether a gamer is genuinely new than trying to fit it in a established genre such as FPS, RPG or a combination. There are also plenty of sub-genres of which survival-horror is only one. Yet, other game sites have used various analogues to describe PAMELA. IGN.com has described it as DEUS EX meets Alien: Isolation. Though no mention on whether they will give the game a low score because they think the AI is cheating (5.6 for Alien Isolation -> sigh). According to Polygon it blends BioShock with STALKER. The first person perspective reminds me a lot of Mirror’s Edge. The art style seems a blend of BioShock Infinite and TRON. All that is a ringing endorsement. What could go wrong?

PAMELA Preview - dark halls

STEAM Greenlight

At this moment it is possible to up-vote PAMELA on STEAM Greenlight which will be used to judge potential popularity. PAMELA has managed to claw itself to the number 1 spot at the time I write this. That said, there is always the fear the game could turn out to be vaporware. Or that a lot of promises will be broken such as with Black & White so many years ago. It is difficult to say. I do think that a lot will also depend on the player. Open-world means that players will have to create a meta for the story and their progress. Time will tell. PAMELA is scheduled for release on PC sometime in 2016. This was my PAMELA Preview. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Source; NVYVE Studios

PAMELA Preview - wrist gadget with friendly AI