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Warehouse 13 series finale Endless - Allison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan

Warehouse 13 Series Finale ‘Endless’ Review

Warehouse 13 series finale Endless - Jaime Murray as H.G Wells

Unlike many other Science Fiction shows such as Stargate, Star Trek or Eureka I have always had something of a love-hate relationship with Warehouse 13. I make a distinction between Warehouse 13 and the other shows because I never hated those even when they had a bad episode. Instead Warehouse 13 could easily give us 10 good episodes in a row followed by 10 bad episodes. Or it would alternate between good and bad episodes. It was at times so frustrating to watch. After 2 seasons the show finally seemed to find a strong footing by anchoring the stories with good special effects and drama it seemed destined to go on for a full 7 year run. Sadly, season 4 saw a decline in the originality of the storylines and an almost complete disappearance of Jaime Murray as H.G Wells. I wasn’t sad to see to hear that season 5 would be the shows last, nor that it would only have 6 episodes (down from the 20 of season 4). I was however frustrated to never see some of the best characters written ever again. I have grown fond of Pete, Myka, Artie, Claudia and H.G, I always thought they were meant for something better than WH 13, which too often felt like Basement 13, or the place were useless scripts went to die.

Warehouse 13 series finale Endless - Artie and his son

Warehouse 13

So now, I am left with reviewing the last episode of the show. It doesn’t disappoint, it is a very good episode and an excellent series finale that focusses heavily on the characters. Basically Mrs. Frederic asks every agents to give a memory of their best moment of being agents to the warehouse for future generations. As an example they watch the memory of H.G defeating Jack The Ripper in 1889. Pete asks how H.G is doing in the present to which Myka replies she has broken up with Nate and is dating a woman. Claudia’s memory reveals that she no longer wants to be a caretaker if it means she will have to give up her private life. Artie is frustrated with Claudia’s decisions, his own memory shows that he has a son and proofs she can juggle both obligations. Claudia remains angry with Artie’s decision not to let her know he has a son and misses the point that Artie wants to make. Pete meanwhile is angry with what it means for the agents giving up a memory. He suspects it is prelude to the warehouse being moved.

Warehouse 13 series finale Endless - Myka and Pete kissing

Pete storms out of the meeting before Myka reveals in her memory that she loves him. Jinks already knows that Pete loves Myka and does not discourage Myka talking to Pete. After Pete vents his anger on the fate of the Warehouse he makes out with Myka, though somewhat suspicious of her being Jinks in disguise. As the last person giving up a memory Pete reveals that no one moment was the best, but instead the entire 5 years of working for WH 13 changed his life for the better. Mrs. Frederic reveals that she not aware of any plans for the warehouse being moved, instead she suggests that the memories are used as a way for present agents to come to terms with their life. The episode ends with the gang trying to pursue a new artifact. Jinks and Claudia tease Myka and Pete with their relationship. The last scene moves the story 30 years into the future, Claudia is seen as the ageless caretaker of the warehouse. She gives cryptic advice to her agents telling them not to speculate about when the warehouse will move.

Warehouse 13 series finale Endless - Myka, Pete, Claudia, Jinks and Artie back together one last time


The last episode of WH 13 was surprisingly strong. It used the memories of the characters to further the storyline instead of pursuing some artifact. This meant that there was enough time for some strong character development. Everyone gets their big reveal, including H.G Wells. Some of the revelations have been foretold as far back as season 1. We all knew that Myka and Pete would get together even when fans were speculating about a relationship between Myka and H.G. We also knew that Claudia was important to the warehouse when she first hacked into its security during season 1. I was less certain about Artie and Jinks. Jinks has only been with us since season 4, but Artie only reveals that he has a son. That is not really what I would call earth shattering, but at least it prevents the happy ending of Myka and Pete from being overshadowed. The last episode is one of those frustrating episodes of Warehouse 13 as it reminds us how good this show can be if its wants to be. Seeing Jaime Murray back for the series that put her on the Science Fiction map was the icing on the cake. Rumors have circulated that Jaime might get her own show as H.G Wells, but I don’t think that is going to happen now that WH 13 died such a quick death. This series finale reminds me a lot of The Next Generation finale. As such I will say ‘All Good Things Come To An End’….

Score; 8 / 10. Does it take a flashback to discover Myka loves Pete?

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Warehouse 13 series finale Endless - Allison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan

Below I have placed some screencaps of episode 4 and 5 of this last season of Warehouse 13. Think of it as an indicator to watch those brilliant episodes as well. This was the Warehouse 13 Series Finale ‘Endless’ Review.

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