July 20, 2024


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Person of Interest Season 2 – The Contingency – Preview!

Person of Interest Logo - Jonathan Nolan starring Jim Caviezel & Michael Emerson

It almost seems like yesterday that the first season of Person of Interest stopped airing. Perhaps the fact that Person of Interest spanned 23 episodes in its first season while maintaining a very high level of quality that it seems that just a short while ago Finch was kidnapped. The first epsiode of the second season of Perosn of Interest will air next Thursday September 27th.

Now, as for The Contingency, below is the press release…

“The Contingency” – With Finch missing – kidnapped by his hacker nemesis, Root, in last season’s finale cliffhanger – Reese enlists Detectives Carter and Fusco to get his friend back, on the second season première of PERSON OF INTEREST, Thursday, Sept. 27 (9:00 – 10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Meanwhile, The Machine never sleeps, disseminating a new number to Reese.  Ken Leung (“Lost”) guest stars as the latest POI, and Amy Acker (“Dollhouse,” “Angel”) reprises her role as Root.

Below is the preview trailer for the première of Person of Interest season 2 – The Contingency.

And here are the still pics for ‘The Contingency’…