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Sleepy Hollow S2Ep2 The Kindred Review - Katia Winter as Katrina in corset dress

Sleepy Hollow S2Ep2 The Kindred Review

Sleepy Hollow S2Ep2 The Kindred Review - Katia Winter as Katrina in corset dress

It has been a while since I have written anything about the Sleepy Hollow TV show starring Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane and Nicole Beharie as Lt. Abbie Mills. During the first season it was made clear that this show would be a re-imagining, something are good while others are not. Slowly the show is coming into its own. There are no significant lapses in the plot and Nicole finally seems to have found her stride. The only gripe that remains is the quick plot pace and the rather convenient sources of information that propel the plot. The matter is handled better than Syfy’s Haven whose season 4 and now also 5 has received intense vitriol from fans. Do enjoy reading my Sleepy Hollow S2Ep2 The Kindred Review.

Sleepy Hollow S2Ep2 The Kindred Review - Abbie meets the nerw sherriff

Franklin-stein rises….

The Kindred continues with Ichabod trying to uncover where his former friend Abraham (Headless Horseman) has hidden Katrina (Katia Winter). Ichabod suspects Abraham will attempt a sacred ritual to make Katrina his forever. Abbie meanwhile has to deal with the replacement sheriff, a woman who has dealt with the Mexican cartels and seems to think they may have a presence in Sleepy Hollow. Abbie and Ichabod find where Abraham/Headless Horseman is keeping Katrina but cannot mount a rescue yet. They receive help from Jenny played by Lyndie Greenwood who is now a series regular. Together they uncover the means to rescue Katrina, an undead super soldier created by Benjamin Franklin to counter the Headless Horseman.

Sleepy Hollow S2Ep2 The Kindred Review - The Headless Horseman on patrol

Henry (played by John Noble), Katrina and Ichabod’s son who is the Horseman of War continues to try and help Moloch with entering our world. Moloch grows impatient with his progress. Former Captain Irving reveals the head of the Horseman is in a bank. Abbie and Ichabod need to complete the undead soldier, but revelations of the greed of banks slows down Ichabod. It gets worse when the new Sheriff arrests Jenny and disavows Ichabod. Ichabod unleashes the undead soldier, but Katrina does not want to be rescued because she wants to learn more of the plan of Henry to unleash Moloch.

Sleepy Hollow S2Ep2 The Kindred Review - Katrina Crane played by Katia Winter


The Kindred takes the time to flesh out Katrina’s character. I liked her in season 1 but some complained they couldn’t believe Ichabod’s interest in her. Now that she is appearing more regularly we are getting a better sense of her. It may have taken a while but slowly the audience is finding it easier to actually care what the characters do. It is up to the creative staff not to fall into the same trap as Haven by turning the plot on its head every episode. The inclusion of the new sheriff will also make sure that the suspense of disbelief is not completely destroyed, so far this has been a problem with this show. The amount of humor is decent to keep it lighthearted without it becoming a problem either. Each episode mentions what Ben Franklin or George Washington has done in secret which makes you wonder when they had the time to do what they were famous for. This was Sleepy Hollow S2Ep2 The Kindred Review.

Score; 8.3 / 10.  A good episode of Sleepy Hollow that proofs this show is practical for the long-term as well.

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Sleepy Hollow S2Ep2 The Kindred Review - Ichabod and Abbie raising Franklin-stein