May 22, 2024

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‘Person of interest’ debuts tonight!

Tonight is the night, finally after Alphas we can view a another new scifi tv-show this year. However, just like Alphas Person of Interest is little light on the scifi part and more heavy on the thrill aspect.

Person of interest stars Micheal Emerson as the billionaire Mr. Finch who has dveloped a computer program that can predict the identity of people that are going to be murdered. However he doesn’t get the complete picture of their identity and in order to trace them down and protect them he enlists the help of supposedly deceased CIA operative John Reese (played by John Caviezel).

The tv-series is mch anticipated and early indications were good, however early reviews of the pilot have already come in and they describe it as mediocre. Lets hope they are wrong because the scifi scene is thirsty for someone to take over the torch from Stargate Atlantis/Universe and the coming ending of Eureka. With just Fringe that doesn’t leave many eye-openers.

PS, Fringe will be back tomorrow night!