March 4, 2024

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Eureka season 4 finale “One giant leap” review!

The last episode of the fourth season of Eureka is a fact, with just one more season to go it was interesting to see if the show creators would move the show in a new direction. This episode did see the launch of Astraeus mission so that still seems to be on for the next season.

The episode starts with the final preparations for the mission being made, president Obama is set to visit GD headquarters only his advance teams has its limo sliced into two by an unknown power source. It is for Sherrif Carter to find the source of the problem, which end up being wormholes of all things. along his way he also meets up with taggert and he squares his relationship with Dr Blake by offering her to move into his place (which she accepts). In the end Carter manages to extinguish the wormholes. And just when seantor Wen comes along for the final countdown do thinsg go completely haywire, suddenly the Astraeus goes into launch mode and is sent into space along with Dr Allsion Blake. And that were the episode ends, of course I have left out some details… like Lupo’s sudden solo out of eureka and such but then you can go and watch the episode yourselfs.

The episode strangely reminds me of the Eureka pilot… and in a good way, as though this show is coming full circle… the special effects are definitely better than some previous episodes.

Score; 9/10.
Viewers; 1.87 million, which is below par and worrisome for a season finale.