February 21, 2024


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new Logan trailer - Logan reading a comic

New Logan trailer reveals a dark farewell movie from Hugh Jackman

new Logan trailer - Logan reading a comic

A new Logan trailer

The X-Men movies have always given me mixed feelings. Feelings that return with the release of a new Logan trailer. I can’t help but feel the series has been tainted by the first movie. Though it was decent it was also certainly nothing more than that. X2 may have straightened the ship, but the start of large ensemble casts handicapped character development. The Wolverine series of which Logan is set to be the last was meant to remedy that. By focusing on just one character, the titular character, considered the most famous of the X-men universe after Professor X and Magneto. So far, the Wolverine series has been a mixed bag. The first movie from 2009 was a mess but the second was decent. Now it appears that the series is set for a reboot with its third and final iteration – Logan.

Logan is set for a March 3rd release, continuing the trend of a release early in the year set by Deadpool. For Marvel entertainment and 20th Century Fox the stakes are high as Deadpool earned more than any other X-Men movie while its budget was just a fraction compared to X-Men Apocalypse. Select members of the press have already seen the first 45 minutes of Logan and so far have lauded it with high praise. They admit that Wolverine is the titular character, but that X23 (played by Dafne Keen) and Professor X are just as important.

Now, a new Logan trailer has been released. Which you can watch below.

What to expect

Though the trailer shows a lot of new material the general feeling I got from the first trailer remains the same. Logan is still dealing with his past and has become somewhat withdrawn as a result. That is, until X23 makes an entry into the lives of Logan and Professor X. The latter appears to be in hiding, while few mutants or X-men remain. Logan feels in many ways like a break from the past. A refreshing standalone origin story. Kind of like Deadpool. However, the franchise’s past won’t be entirely let go. The character Caliban from Apocalypse will make an appearance. The scene with Professor X in a hotel room surrounded by armed guards feels similar X-men Last Stand. That movie had one scene that saved it.

We will find out on March 3rd of Logan is a worthy conclusion to Hugh Jackman’s career as Wolverine. This was it for the new Logan trailer.