Logan Review – A Hugh Jackman swansong I was not expecting

Logan Review Logan wasn’t the movie I was expecting. Between all the gore and action scenes I wasn’t expecting so much character development, or love and mutual loathing between characters. Now this review does contain spoilers, but I won’t discuss too many details. But I will discuss what I wasn’t expecting. So here is my […]

Round up of all Sci-Fi Super Bowl Trailers with Logan, Guardians and Ghosts…

Super Bowl Trailers Super Bowl has come and gone. Apparently the New England Patriots won. Who would have thought. For those not inclined to be interested in sports can still enjoy the commercials. It is the moment when every company promotes its business with spectacular 30 second shots, which some have started to think are […]

Beauty and the Beast – a question of ‘Will you see it?’

Beauty and the Beast As a guy I have to deal with the lingering question. Should I go an see Disney’s upcoming Beauty and the Beast? The movie, starring Emma Watson is set to release on March 17th. Today Disney released the final US trailer for the movie which is also a remake of the 1991 classic animated movie […]