July 21, 2024


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J.J. Abram’s – Human news roundup!

karl urban in Human - bad robot productions

J.J. Abrams and his production company have a new Sci-Fi TV-show in production. It’s called ‘Human’ and it is set in the near future in which police officers are teamed with cyborg buddies. I know what you’re thinking! Wasn’t there a show in the 1990’s that did the same? That show was called total Recall 2070 and sadly only aired for one season, Human also seems to combine elements of Continuum and the movie Minority Report. The show is produced for FOX which has ordered one pilot episode so far. Karl urban has been confirmed to play the lead ‘cyborg’ role of officer John Kennex who has been wounded after a botched police raid.

Karl urban will team up with actress Minka Kelly, famous from …. (nothing). Supposedly she will play his ‘Human’ buddy. After the X-files, Continuum, Alcatraz and Fringe they were hardly going for another male lead now weren’t they. I wish this show the best of luck and hope that it will fare better than the other Bad Robot Productions series, who sadly, often fail because they have been rushed into production.

Similar to the announcement that Katee Sackhoff was to star in upcoming Riddick movie with Vin Diesel many new sites can help themselves but posts images of Minka Kelly in risqué poses.

Here is a roundup of the best so far.


Minka Kelly in Human (J.J. Abrams).
Minka Kelly – FilmThrasher.com


Minka Kelly in Human - www.scificool.com
Minka Kelly in Human – www.scificool.com


Minka Kelly - Human with Karl Urban
Minka Kelly – Human with Karl Urban