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Killjoys ship sole survivor

Killjoys Episode 5 A Glitch In The System Review – Time for a mid-term for season 1.

Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis

Killjoys Episode 5 A Glitch In The System Review

With this weeks episode of Killjoys – A Glitch In The System – 5 episodes have aired. The first season has thus reached the half-way mark, time for mid-term score. This weeks episode has an interesting main storyline: abandoned spacecraft, killjoys investigate, sole-survivor tries to kill them, AI gone haywire. It feels familiar, especially after last week’s episode Dark Matter, but it is the fallout of these events that really matter and they propel the show forward with more confidence than ever before.

Torture chamber victim

Killjoys – just like every other TV-Show suffered initially from its need to have each character act according to a stereotype. Aaron Ashmore played John as hyper argumentative with a humoristic side. Luke Macfarlane played D’avin as the restrained, morose ex-soldier with a dark secret. Hannah John-Kamen alternated between these two poles with her depiction of Dutch. This acting can be forgiven for the most part. Every TV show needs to start somewhere and the audience needs to believe the characters didn’t pop into existence just as the camera started rolling. In only five episode Killjoys has managed to remove this instant characterization and allowed each of the three main characters the time and circumstance to develop their own thoughts and personal history.

Killjoys ship sole survivor

This week’s episode ‘A Glitch In The System’ takes part on a semi-abandoned spaceship that houses a secret torture facility. The setup is familiar to science fiction fans. If you have read Hull Zero Three and Slow Bullets. Though neither Dutch, John or D’avin mysteriously woke up on the ship (as in many novels). The exploration of the ship, discovery of survivors and betrayal of the survivors feels very familiar. Yet, this episode is not about that at all. It creates suspense, but the real meat of the story is D’avin’s endurance under the torture nanites applied by one of the survivors. He is forced, for all to hear, to admit he killed his entire squad even if he doesn’t remember why and what his mission was for.

Sarah Power as Pawter Sims. Killjoys Episode 5 A Glitch In The System Review

To Dutch and John D’avin has changed forever. They knew he had a secret but now it surfaces due to painful duress, not because he told them this part of his life. Later on, back in the Quad, doctor Pawter Sims discovers the nanites have healed D’avin’d damaged brain tissue. Her can’t remember his orders because of memory blockers implanted into his brain. So, through a circumspect manner the story has managed to progress naturally by showing instead of telling us what has happened.

Rob Stewart as Khylen. Killjoys Episode 5 A Glitch In The System Review

Dutch for her part has also undergone a rapid transformation. Her master/father Khylen visits her to remind her of the tasks he has set her. At this moment Killjoys can rely on a number of stories that do not rely on the shows mythology, but when needed the transformation of Dutch and D’avin can be used to propel the story forward into a second season. Though Killjoys reminds me little bit of Firefly, it reminds me more of Alastair Reynold’s Revelation Space and The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton. High-praise for a show initially buried by Syfy’s Defiance and Dark Matter. Sadly, only Ashmore’s John seems underutilized.

Hannah John-Kamen nude as Dutch. Killjoys Episode 5 A Glitch In The System Review.

Score; 8.5 / 10. Killjoys is quickly finding solid ground and with it has become one of my favorite shows to watch.

Source; http://www.space.ca/show/killjoys/

This was Killjoys Episode 5 A Glitch In The System Review. I hope you enjoyed reading it that it was helpful in deciding whether Killjoys was a show you may be interested in. Next week Killjoys will be back with the episode One Blood. Watch the teaser trailer below!

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