June 13, 2024


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Continuum update season 4 - scarred inspector dillon

Continuum Update – so where the hell is Showcase’s last season?

Continuum update season 4

Continuum Update

During the last week or so a few people have emailed me on why I am not covering the new and last season of Continuum. The short questions is I am, there is simply nothing to report. Unlike previous seasons which aired during the summer months this last shortened season is scheduled to start on September 4th. I am pleased so many are still supporting this show and just like me are suffering from Continuum withdrawal symptoms.

Sadly, the TV world is ruled by ratings. Continuum aired on Canada’s Showcase channel as well as on Syfy for the rest of the world. It was initially poorly marketed, but its first season did make waves. It second season was too ambitious, the stories were difficult to understand and ratings sagged. Despite the much better third season the show was effectively cancelled. For months in the fall of 2014 no news was heard on whether show runner Simon Barry had managed to get an extension. He finally did, but only for a shortened six-episode season to wrap up the storyline. Both Showcase and Syfy have hailed the last season as an end of an era but strangely have done little to promote it. I can remember only a few references being made at Comic Con. The delay in production has also meant there is a delay in the normal release schedule, hence the September 4th release date.

Two days ago I saw on the show’s IMDB page that a trailer had been released. Sadly most of it just consists of recap scenes from the previous season, but to my annoyance there may actually be a few new scenes in the trailer that were shot for season 4. As I don’t own the show on Blu-ray I can’t rewatch the last few episode of season 3. I do not know where this ‘teaser’ trailer has come from, I don’t even know if its official, but below you can view it yourself.

At 1.36 we see a very scarred inspector Dillon.

Continuum update season 4 - scarred inspector dillon

This revelation makes me sad as it means Sonya’s sacrifice was for nothing. During the last few second of the trailer another scene with suited soldiers also has me wondering if we haven’t seen that before. I just don’t know for sure. I do blame Syfy for the confusion. The channel could have released a proper trailer during Comic Con to announce the new date of the last season’s release. Instead, it feels as if fans are left in the dark with just a few scraps to look forward to. Meanwhile the cast has started to move on from Continuum. During season 3 a fair number were written out, such as Lexa Doig, Jennifer Spence and Nicholas Lea. Roger Cross has joined Dark Matter, Luvia Petersen guest-stars in plenty of other projects (and she got married!) while Victor Webster is starring in several feature films. Rumors have circulated Continuum may continue as a comic series, but that is little consolation to fans. Don’t consider this article as a full-blown preview of Continuum Season 4, but just as an update.

I did find a link to a viral website I had not seen before. Check out http://www.liber8tech.com/. However, the Continuum Podcast website is sparsely updated. It has one new article posted today (first since April) in which other TV shows are discussed. I guess those guys are also moving on. This was my Continuum update.