March 4, 2024

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Captain Phasma (Christie) in chrome armour

Gwendoline Christie confirms Captain Phasma to return for Episode 8

Captain Phasma (Christie) in chrome armour

Captain Phasma to return

Today actress Gwendoline Christie confirmed she will reprising her role as Captain Phasma for Episode 8. Just before The Force Awakens producer Kathleen Kennedy already hinted at the return of the character but now it has been confirmed. Captain Phasma quickly became a fan favorite in her chrome armor storm trooper outfit acting as an enforcer for The first Order. With the news of the return of Gwendoline Christie it has been de facto confirmed that Captain Phasma did not die on Starkiller Base and somehow managed to escape from the trash compactor. The trash compactor is of course where Han Solo, Chewbacca and reformed ex-storm trooper Finn threw her in.


Gwendoline Christie confirmed the new at the People at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday. She has made no secret she had to lobby hard for the role as Captain Phasma. This is what she said at the award show. “I was delighted when J.J. Abrams wanted to have me in the film and then wanted to cast me in this role that had originally been designed for a man,” Christie told People. “I felt it encouraged diversity and it was doing something new and it was an interesting bit of casting for women, and I hope that in something that was such a mainstream success, it would breed more of those kind of opportunities for other women.”

Gwendoline Christie at the Force Awakens Premiere. Captain Phasma hot

Brienne of Phasma

Gwendoline Christie has certainly seen a meteoric rise in her career since she started playing the equally badass Brienne of Tarth on Game Of Thrones. Fans of the Tarth will see more of in season 6 starting April 24th. I myself am still looking for that Captain Phasma figurine that is just perfect. At this moment the selections available are either too expensive or not quite good enough. However, Christie’s role in The Force Awakens was not without criticism. Not because of her acting, but because of the limited role in the movie. For a character who had been before release the screen time allotted was disappointing. In my opinion the movie did suffer from the obvious deleted scenes, making it feel somewhat unhinged in the middle.

With todays announcement fans can start looking forward to more Phasma, and more Christie, coming to a screen near you on December 15th 2017.