May 22, 2024

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Fringe almost cancelled!

Fear not, the title says ‘almost’ cancelled that doesn’t mean it hasn’t. At this time of the year there is always a lot of buzz going on which shows gets renewed and which get cancelled. At a press conference top Fox executives said that Fringe at the moment was a money loser and might get axed. However, they also said they will first engage the production staff to see if there is a way out. In the word of one Fox executive… ‘It is too early to start the mail campaign’. Various suggestions have been put forth but first they will also see how the slightly changed format for season 4 will play out with the rest of the season. An idea that resonated with various websites was that the series could continue with a format like Chuck, just a few episodes per season to keep things fresh.

Fringe will be back on the air next friday, stay tuned for the review of ‘Back to where you have never been’!

And now for the arguably suggestive still you have all been waiting for…

Olivia Dunham dead - Anna Torv
Olivia Dunham dead - Anna Torv