April 18, 2024


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Eureka “Reprise” review!

Eureka is back for another episode, this time the plot takes a little while to get started. Fargo thinks he is getting evaluated after last weeks unsanctioned rocket launch and to gain strength for the upcoming ego fight he is listening to some unusual tunes. In the meantime doctor Blake needs to disappear because she doesn’t fit into this story and ends up saving somebody from a roadside crash. Instead we get Carter having to look after Blake’s two kids which includes Kevin (played by Trevor Jackson) who despite some difficulty with his dialogue seems hellbent on cracking everybody up with his kleptomania behaviour towards committing grand theft auto.

As the episode progresses it becomes clear that the songs that Fargo evaluator Dr Martens has uploaded and to which everybody has listened has certain hypnotic properties that makes people act out the lyrics of those songs. Thus this leaves Dr. Henry and his wife with building a machine that stops time and threatens to engulf the entire town as well as deputy Lupo with shooting sheriff Carter because that what the Bob Marley songs says she should do. Eventually, after Zane burns down Lupo’s house with a flame thrower (guess the song!) they make their way to Henry’s place at which point Kevin is able to save the day by shutting down the device.

This weeks episode as said before takes a while to get going, it isn’t until the last act that various plot points come together which finally brings some structure to the first half of the episode. My major gripes are the way some characters are literally dumped at the side of the road because they aren’t necessary for the plot. My other gripe is that the character Henry is starting to get a little creepy, like he and his wife are kind of working their way to a suicide pact because the character needs to be written out of the show. Lets hope that isn’t true. Finally the whole Zane/Lupo is finally settled with them making out in Lupo’s still smoldering house.

Score; 8/10.