July 20, 2024


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Eureka “Up in the Air” review!

Another week, another Eureka review! This week we see our crew train for the Astraeus mission to Titan, it is still too early to say whether the show will ever go to Titan but it seems suddenly that it has a goal to work towards to. Despite the fact that almost everybody is training for the mission (Blake, Lupo, Zane, Fargo, Henry and his wife) it is certainly not clear if anyone can go. In the meantime Carter has got his handful when a supposedly normal case of ‘bank robbery’ turns out into a suspected case where the entire ‘bank’ has been physically robbed. Quickly enough he manages to locate it and finds it floating in the air along with his own car! The cause is a ‘Higgs field disruptor’ which doctor Parrish (Whill Wheaton) tried to keep save with in the banks fault along with some other Eureka ‘graduate’s antimatter. Put together they disrupt gravity and make heavy objects float harmlessly to the tune of Eureka into the air. In the end Carter manages to put everything back together (not before some outrageous moves on his part).

In the meantime Blake’s condition is worsening, from the last two episodes we know she was implanted with nanobots that kinda make her fuzzy headed, now things take a turn for the worst when she suddenly starts to have memory lapses and things seemingly get done without any physical input on her part. This begs the questions whether the entire episode is just part of her imagination especially when she is later revealed to be strapped onto a table with Carter looking on and being sinister!.

This episode was good, but it could have been better. We see many storylines moving forward while Carter has to fix his usual problem of the week. It is in fact somewhat difficult to follow all the storylines especially that of Zane and Lupo who two episodes previous decided to hook up again but now show little evidence of affection.

Fargo’s attempts to get into a relation with Dr Holly Martin are as comical as it was the last few episodes especially with the troublesome mingling of Wheaton’s character, yet at the same time little progress is being made in their relationship and this banter between the three could quickly grow stale in the forthcoming episodes.

Score; 8.5/10.