July 21, 2024


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Eureka “Liftoff” review!

Eureka is back!

Finally season 4 can continue. Since season 4 took the series in a new direction we have been delighted with mostly superb episodes after season 2 and 3 took a slow march downwards. The first thing noticeable in this episode are the special effects, lets hope will stay as good as they were.

The storyline revolves around the accidental launch of a Mercury era space capsule that is tested for an experimental FTL drive, only downside is that both Fargo and Zane are in it. After nearly blowing it out of the sky the gang on the ground have to rescue the pair with the infamous ‘goaly thingy’ but only if they are able to communicate with the capsule that has no radio or anything else for that matter. After a run in with the ISS Fargo and Zane finally seem to be able to activate the FTL drive and be caught back to earth, but only after Fargo makes a slip of the tongue about the Lupo.

The episode itself seems mostly intent on bridging storylines together for the rest of season, but for once that doesn’t matter as the dialog in this episode is just superb. The Lupo/Zane thingy slowly further unravels as Zane seems to come to some understanding about his earlier relationship with the Lupo from an alternate timeline. Alas the tension between Carter and Blake is the only major downside of this episode as it seems too contrived. Henry makes a return and together with Fargo seems hellbent on being the quirky nerds from the beginning of this show so many years ago.

Overall this episode seems an excellent start to the rest of the season.

Score; 9/10.