June 24, 2024


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Eureka ‘Just Another Day’ Series Finale Review!

Well, we are almost there. Next Monday on the 16th Eureka will be back for the last time with one more episode entitled ‘Just Another day’. Yet again, it seems that sci-fi fans have to take it in the gut as a favorite tv-show ends because of declining ratings. For me it isn’t difficult to see why Eureka failed. For the most part it didn’t seem to have an overall story arc to keep all five season connected. Ever since the shows’s humble beginnings in 2006 we essentially have been watching something like 7 different season (if we split up season 3 & 4) and they weren’t all of the same calibre either. Season 5 was for a bit of  let down which is partly why I am kind of looking forward to the future. Eureka has given viewers a great many fond memories, its abstract humor and characters combined with a different take on science gave this series sparks during its first three seasons. Things went downhill from then on with the cast turnover that occurred between season 3 and 4 (Jim Taggart, Nathan Stark and Zoe Carter), after which the series didn’t seem to dare all that much, though we were strangely blessed a few time with seeing Salli Richardson-Whitfield walking around in lingerie. Those things just like a few others were just attempts to not lose the already dwindling viewership. My overall verdict for this series is that it is OK, above average for sure, but it never managed to live up to the rather excellent pilot that started it all.

Now, we have got one more episode left, maybe it will be able to tie up this show proper as fans would want.

Here is the synopsis…

After the DOD shuts Eureka down, Zoe comes to visit before her graduation, and the entire town is threatened to be ripped apart by unstable wormholes unless Carter stops them.

Well, that is not much, but it gives an impression at least.

Here is the promo trailer…

And here are the promo stills, they include set picture of the cast after the final shot had been taken…