April 18, 2024


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Continuum ‘The Politics of Time’ Preview!

Continuum - Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron in The Politics of Time

Next Sunday the seventh episode of Continuum will air. After the appearance of Kagame this show will yet again go into new direction as Kiera (Rachel Nichols) gets sucked into the politics of 2012 when her partner Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) is accused of murder. This episode thus promises to show background on Carlos and perhaps also tell us why his VPD partner Betty Robertson (Jennifer Spence) has a crush on him.

Here is the synopsis for ‘The Politics of Time’…

The high-stakes Union Election gives Kiera her first taste of contemporary political intrigue.  But issues of trust and loyalty come up for Kiera as evidence points to Carlos in the death of an investigative reporter. Kiera will learn firsthand the lengths a person will go to get elected.

Continuum so far has shown it can keep a gritty side similar to Person of Interest and Nikita, expertly mingling violence with Machiavellian politics, this episode promises to set the bar even higher.

After the last few episodes this series has in my opinion definitely earned its second season, however despite a rise in ratings two episodes back the previous episode yet again showed a decline in viewership. Perhaps an episode showing the other side of the story would help with that. The only thing that is definitely on my wish list is more of 2077, so far the shows creators have kept up with a few scenes each episode but it is definitely something viewers would want to see more of.

Here are the still pics for ‘The Politics of Time’…

Continuum - The Politics of Time - Carlos and KieraContinuum - The Politics of Time - Carlos and KieraContinuum - The Politics of Time - Carlos Fonnegra played by Victor WebsterContinuum - The Politics of Time - Kiera makes a bustContinuum - The Politics of TimeContinuum - The Politics of Time - episode 7