June 13, 2024


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Old Julian Randol - Richard Harmon - Continuum

Continuum S2E9 ‘Seconds’ Review!

Old Julian Randol - Richard Harmon - Continuum

Mere seconds to boredom…

For those who have kept up with reading Continuum episode reviews know that I think season 2 has been a let down. Sure some episodes were great but the series suffers with its poor drama and plot twists that are all over the map. This weeks episode entitled ‘Seconds’ is pretty much at the bottom of the pile. It starts on the wrong footing by pretending that the excellent episode 8 never occurred. No reference is made about Garza abducting Alec or agent Gardner getting shot to death. Instead we are led to believe that the democratic people of Vancouver (Generica) would accept that a company can buy the police force and install their preferred boss. That would be chief Dillon who in the span of three episodes turned into a douche.

Meanwhile the Julian Randol plot finally places him back onto the street with both Liber8 factions vying for his support. It is his step-brother Alec that manages to keep him on the straight path until Dillon’s corrupt police officers abduct him and try to force him to reveal Liber8’s whereabouts. This show has shown a bit of a violence in the past but the Abu Ghraib style torture seemed far to gratuitous. It certainly didn’t lead to anywhere special. Kiera’s doubt as to whether she should kill Julian to try and change the future felt a bit forced, though it does give her a bit of flavor as it sets her on a path for confrontation with Dillon.

Sadtech chip - Continuum

At this moment Continuum is in a dark place. It almost seems like there are two different teams making Continuum episodes. It feels as if this show is kind off going nowhere. The Occupy movement is so over that I don’t really care much about the anti-capitalist message of season 2. The first season was in that respect much better. More than ever do I miss Kagame (Tony Amendola), and now I miss agent Gardner (Nicholas Lea) too.

Fans have started criticizing Rachel Nichols acting. It is true she can’t do drama very well but her job is made a lot harder with the poor writing found in season 2. Victor Webster again remains underused, he seems more than ever farther away from the story despite knowing Kiera’s secret.


The episode has some moments but for the most part it is just plain frustrating to watch as the show makes multiple illogical jumps. Now it would be hard to expect that Luvia Petersen would go nude in every episode but to remove her completely from the show is just a shame. The previous episode was written by person who really seemed to love and care for the subject. It is hard to review a show that isn’t doing well. If Continuum doesn’t improve than it doesn’t deserve the third season it already has been promised.

Score; 6.5 / 10.

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Omari Newton as Lucas Ingram - Continuum