June 24, 2024


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Kate Kelton as Jordan McKee - Haven - Thanks for the Memories

Haven season 4 promo released

Kate Kelton as Jordan McKee - Haven - Thanks for the Memories


Last year I tucked into the third season of Haven and found the show a lot better than expected. I immediately watched the first two seasons as well and agreed with every fan that the third season was an incredible improvement. There were still some caveats though. The creative staff couldn’t keep up with the quality in the second half of the season, mostly due to budget issues would be my guess.


The show also had a bit of a problem with its female characters. Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) is a fine character but the number of secondary female characters is at times zero compared to about a half-dozen guys. This is best seen in season 3 when the character of doctor Claire Callahan (Bree Williamson) is killed by the bolt-gun killer just after she gets interesting. Also the character of Jordan McKee (Kate Kelton), who I thought was a ‘troubled’ with a lot of attitude disappeared almost completely during the second half of the season. Her character also suddenly loses her marbles and starts shooting in the season finale only to be shot in turn by Duke. Only the fact that she was also pulled into the Barn (the magic barn for those Haven newbies) could allow her to survive though I doubt it. With these two seeming deaths we are back to where we started at the beginning of season.
As for season 4, it will start airing on September 13th and will guest star Colin Ferguson. As you can see from the promo below, the gang might have been pulled into the barn (apart from Nathan) but life in Haven continues.

The promo

See you guys back for a hopefully exciting fourth season of Haven.

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