July 20, 2024


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Rachel Nichols as Kiera in a gunfight - Continuum - Second Thoughts

Continuum gets renewed for third season!

continuum season 2 logo - rachel nichols Continuum get renewed for third season!

A third season…

That Continuum is getting renewed for a third season is a bit of surprise as the second season took a while to get confirmed. I must say that I have lost just a bit of excitement for Continuum as its second season is a bit of a mess. The quality is all over the map and though I am a devoted viewer I have lost track of many developments. In part I think the show creative staff are trying too hard, it’s as though they fear cancellation. Well, fear not… Syfy and Showcase seem to believe in and thus will continue for another round of 13 or so episodes.

For the full news coverage, read on…

The second season of Continuum has just reached its halfway point in Canada, and filming has just wrapped up for the season finale, but everyone is already preparing for season 3. That’s right fans, Continuum has officially been renewed for a third season!

Continuum remains the number one original series for Showcase, making it an obvious choice to renew. There hasn’t been any announcement of how many episodes season 3 will have, nor when it will air, but it is likely safe to expect another 13 episode season to air next summer or late spring.

There are several more science fiction / fantasy series renewed by Showcase for the upcoming 2013 – 2014 year, including Defiance, Lost Girl, Haven, Beauty and the Beast, Haven, Game of Thrones and a new series titled Helix (which will air on Syfy elsewhere).

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PS, While you guys go on contemplating the future of Continuum I will tuck in on some Orphan Black!