June 18, 2024


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Continuum renew for shortened 4th season! Luvia Petersen nude as Jasmine Garza

Continuum season 2 episode 8 ‘Second Listen’ Review!

Luvia Petersen nude as Jasmine Garza - Continuum
Second Listen…

So far everyone has been a bit underwhelmed by the second season. Sure there have been a number of ups (Travis decapitating organized crime bosses) but for the most part the plots feel disjointed and ill though out. This weeks episode ‘Second Listen’ is by far a more steady episode and sets the beginning for the season to conclude in a spectacular fashion.

Nicholas Lea as Gardiner and Rachel Nichols as Kiera teaming up - Continuum

Plot outline…

Kiera’s suspicions, confirmed finally; there were time jumpers before she and Liber8 came to the present. Now they’re popping up dead, and she must find out who’s behind it. Alec is kidnapped by Garza, acting on orders…from Alec’s future self..

Jasmine Garza (Luvia Petersen) - Continuum


The episode starts differently from any that we have seen so far as the old Alec Sadler uses an escort service in his flying castle while Kiera is pulling guard duty. The idea might explain why she has been somewhat cold to him lately but the scene mostly sets the pieces in motion for a showdown between Garza and Kiera. Kiera orders Garza to hands in all metallic items and thus Garza proceeds to remove her nipple rings while completely nude. Later on Garza admits to the old Alec Sadler that Kiera is very much a prude. Alec states that he sees a lot in Garza and suggests that she could act as his failsafe. That is, to kill his younger self should he not amend his ways. As such Garza might be shoehorned a bit into the mythology but it has at least been foreshadowed. It would also be interesting to see what Travis and Sonya would make of this development.

The episode was written by Shelley Eriksen. I am not aware of any other credentials but at least she is able to make the female characters of this episode exciting in their engagement. Garza’s nudity doesn’t seem gratuitous. Instead it seems to be another sign that her character crawls on the edge of a razor blade. I hope to see more of Luvia Petersen in coming episodes.

I was sad to see agent Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) got shot in this episode. I presume that he is dead, his character was only just getting interesting. That said, Travis made a miraculous recovery from multiple gunshots so anything is possible on Continuum.

That said, this episode also has a certain amount of pointless violence. Garza shooting dead two of Alec’s friends makes it difficult for her character to last more than two seasons in a city like Vancouver.

Continuum will take  little break and will be back on June 30th with the episode ‘Seconds’.

Score; 8 / 10. Sadly the episode puts a number of characters on the bench while, Garza, Gardiner and Jason get more screen time.

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