Continuum Family Time Review!

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3 Responses

  1. bitchstolemyremote says:

    You make some good comments about the speed with which Julian becomes such a radical, though Kiera did suggest it’s been months since the riot. There were a number of ridiculous elements in the episode, although overall it does it’s job of sending Julian over the dark side and bringing home the affect of the war to both sides. Now Alec is all in, too – he’s not just a safe teenager in the barn.

    Excited for next week. But seriously, why hasn’t Showcase picked this up for a second season?

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  2. Shame says:

    The Kellog and Keria business seems like pretty ridiculous misogyny. The female hero cannot make it on her own unless she throws herself at the big strong man. Its pretty insane. I guess the show just couldn’t maintain a strong female hero who was strong enough to stand up for her husband and son. Its sad that in 2013 we need such antiquated anti-woman nonsense. The show lost any good will it had garnered with me in about 2 minutes. Just imagine the conclusion, Keria gets home and sees her son . . . she has to to tell him that she betrayed their families trust and now that she’s home she’s only going to see him on alternating weekends after the divorce . . . yeah not exactly “happily ever after.”

    • Kane says:

      I agree with you on both issues. The whole Kiera and Kellog relationship is very weird. That said, you can have weird relationships in real life as well. As for the world of 2077, I also think it is perhaps a bit sexist. Kiera seems to be this cop who ‘needs’ to be a mom, while her husband can casually play the rich businessman. I guess every TV-show has it weak points. If I were you I would continuum a second chance. you may never know, perhaps the writer’s intended to stir up controversy.